Its natural properties provide the vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs …

Mango is a tropical fruit rich in vitamins A and C, antioxidants, trace elements and essential nutrients for the body.

It has properties that provide great benefits to your skin, since it contributes to the moisturization, regeneration and elasticity of the tissues, which determines that you look much healthier and younger skin. If you want to enjoy the benefits of mango on your skin, take a look at these creams and products below.

1. Korean Toner of mango seed for dry skin:

The products of THE FACE SHOP They come from nature and provide excellent benefits. This product is made with extracts of mango seeds and provides instant and lasting hydration for greater comfort throughout the day.

THE FACE SHOP transmits the values ​​of nature and represents natural beauty and vitality. In addition, with this torner, you can obtain nourishing and specific skin care to calm your dry skin.

2. California mango more than:

This is a face cream highly nourishing and softening. Rich in aloe vera seed oil, vitamin E, jojoba and meadow. Designed to reveal the skin you’ve always been waiting for.

Mango Masque is a light and creamy clay-based hand and body treatment mask that absorbs oils and lifts up dirt to reveal soft, supple skin. In addition, it is rated 5 stars in Amazon for its price and quality.

3. Mask Missha Pure:

10 sheets of mango masks. Energizes the skin and makes it look very soft. Whey is abundant and you can easily use it for 20 minutes.