Today, the cell phone in the car is an important complement. Whether looking at directions, listening to music or talking hands-free, you need to have an accessory that leaves the cell phone within easy reach so as not to take your eyes off the road.

1. Support for ventilation grille Vicseed

This is a very simple product, but not for that less functional. The vicseed stand It is made of high quality plastic and it is installed in the vents of the car. It has an adjustable clip, so that it is fixed to the grid without moving. To place the cell phone, it is only necessary to slide it from above, without opening the support. In addition, it has four support points that keep your cell phone safe and allows you to charge it at the same time.

With the biggest discount of 53%, this product has a price of $ 12.74 and it is also the best rated on the list, with 4.4 stars in Amazon. It is ideal for 4.5 to 6.5 inch cell phones with a slim case. Customers emphasize that it is an easy product to install and that keeps the cell phone firm in the car.

2. Suction cup mount iOttie

With a strong suction cup, this iOttie support It can be installed on the dashboard of the car or on one of the windows. Due to its flexibility and rotation, it can be placed in any position and you can have the cell phone at your fingertips comfortably. Its arm can extend up to 8.3 inches and rotates 225 degrees. In addition, the cell phone holder rotates 360 degrees.

The most sold from the list, with a price of $ 24.24 This is the most chosen cell phone holder, due to its versatility. It allows to perfectly adjust the cell phone where you need it and the support adjusts to different models and vertically or horizontally alike. Customers in Amazon They emphasize their durability and firmness, but suggest to be careful with the exposure of the support to heat.

3. Multipurpose support Vansky

If you are looking for a support 3 in 1, you have found the indicated accessory. The Vansky stand It offers a flexible arm with a suction cup, a dash support and an accessory for the vents. With the same product, you can position your cell phone where you are most comfortable that day.

The cheapest product, from $ 11.99 and that also has the greatest versatility. It includes a cell phone holder and 3 interchangeable grips, to have all types of supports with just one product. The cell phone holder extends up to 7 inches, so it can be used vertically or horizontally.

4. Magnetic holder Bestrix

With a minimalist and elegant design, the bestrix support It works with a magnet, which makes the installation of the cell phone in the holder much faster. This support is designed to hold on the dash, dropping the phone underneath so as not to block the driver’s view.

The Bestrix support have a price of $ 24.95 and supports cell phones up to 6.4 inches screen. It is important to remember that this support does not work with very thick covers or pop socketsThey can interfere with the grip of the magnet.