A simple but efficient tool to exercise.

Strengthening the muscles of our body is part of a daily goal, going to the gym, running, walking and eating healthy are part of the itinerary, but to strengthen your figure even more, especially arms and abs, try instruments light, easy, practical and useful, as well as the exercise wheels that we show you below, with which you can work the middle and upper part of your body easily and comfortably from home.

1. Exercise roller with steel wheel

It is a roller for strengthening the arms and abdomen made of resistant materials. The wheel in particular is made of stainless steel covered by a rubber membrane non-slip PVC. It also has two ultra comfortable, padded, strong and resistant handles.

The resistance and safety characteristics that this roller provides will make it your perfect ally to do your exercises anywhere. This home training accessory features an ability to muscle strengtheningr that will give you optimal results, mainly in your abdomen and arms.

2. Ab Wheel Fitness Invention 3 in 1

It’s a Fitmess Invention abdominal workout wheel with three modalities in a. It comes with an adjustable jump rope with ergonomic handles in a light and comfortable design, while the roller is made of non-slip rubber and stainless steel.

This kit will be very useful for you to exercise at home and achieve the figure you want so much at home. It is extremely simple and practical to meet the needs of exercise quickly and with effective results.

3. Roller for abdominal workout Perfect Fitness

It is a roller that integrates an ultra resistant and ergonomically designed unit with a carbon steel internal spring. It has wide stability and resistance with precise movements towards the sides and the center. It also has very comfortable detachable handles with curved orientation.

This wheel comes with a foam knee pad so that you can perform each of the exercises in the warmth of your home or any other place you consider practical to strengthen your muscles with greater comfort, safety and flexibility.

4. Kit multifunctional roller with resistance bands

This multifunctional roller kit with high resistance bands is a very complete for performing routines of domestic exercise. It features a dual-wheel design for added stability and has a resistance capacity of up to 450 pounds. The handles of this roller are foam and very firm to support the weight. This kit comes with a red resistance sleeve for increased concentration and pressure.

With this high-quality roller you can afford to exercise with should be, safely, comfortable and practical. In addition, you will have at your disposal an instruction guide and an electronic book so that you can shape your figure in the correct way.