To keep the figure you had before the parties.

Christmas parties and new Year They are the best times to spend quality time with our closest families and friends. At these gatherings we have a great time and usually don’t skimp on food or drink. However, after these celebrations pass, we usually realize the consequences of neglecting the diet. Fortunately, there are garments that help hide a little those extra kilos, and this time we present four girdles molding machines that will help you continue to look fabulous.

Colombian girdle lift your tail


Crafted from lycra fabric, this comfortable girdle has a mid-length design that covers down to the thighs. This garment can be worn with or without suspenders since they have a body adjustment system. Its design reduces centimeters from the waist and abdomen.

Feel and look beautiful the first days of the new year with this band made in Colombia. One of the most wanted garments by girls, since it gives security and is not noticeable on the clothes.

2. Panties waist control for woman

A girdle that defines your silhouette, because it has a firm compression system that defines areas such as abdomen and waist to show off that guitar-like silhouette. It is made with a mixture of fabrics that feel very soft on contact with the skin and leaves no lumps in sight.

You can find them in colors black and brown so you can combine it with your clothes, without it being noticed or marked below it. Wear your best outfits in the new year and enjoy these final days of the year without regrets.

3. Shaping garment short style

Made with lycra and nylon fabric, this black girdle has a short design that covers up to the thighs. Its shape allows flatten stomach and the legs, further defining the abdomen and concealing the chubby around it.

You can use it with skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings, stockings and any other outfit you use during the autumn, winter, spring or summer. A resistant and comfortable garment that makes you feel more sure of yourself.

4. Short girdle that you can take to gym

A super comfortable girdle that will help you reduce centimeters of your waist, back and abdomen thanks to its compression system designed specifically for those areas. It is made with double-layer fabrics that help flatten the stomach.

It is soft and breathable so you will not feel uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. They are ideal to go to exercise since it adapts easily to the shape of your Body.