Handmade items loaded with pure positive energy.

A amulet It is an object that has been used by different cultures in order to attract good fortune, luck and prosperity, while also protecting its bearer from negative energies. We can find different types of charms, but this time we show you the best options available in charms hand made.

1. Bracelet with prosperity coin


It is a macramé-style woven bracelet. It is completely handmade with a coin with the seal of the King solomon as the centerpiece of the accessory. It is a waterproof accessory, since it has been woven with a waxed cotton cord.

This amulet is responsible for raising awareness as well as helping its wearer to focus on their specific purpose and dreams. It is an ideal piece to wear every day and use on any occasion.

2. Necklace with quartz pendant


This is a beautiful necklace with a quartz pendant handcrafted and assembled entirely by hand. The pendulum-shaped stone is held in place by a strong loop made of gold-plated metal.

An option that you can incorporate into your daily outfits. This amulet is responsible for providing protection and attracting the good luck, fortune, success and prosperity.

3. Buddhist amulet Tibetan


This pendant amulet is designed with the figure of the Heavenly Buddha, mostly known as the Buddha cheerful smiling. The handmade symbol is a deity of happiness and abundance.

It has been completely carved by hand into a natural stone, in an adjustable cotton pendant for the neck. A complement that is responsible for attracting happiness and abundance to your life.

4. Bracelets twisted with red thread

It is an amulet designed from a Kabbalah bracelet woven in macrame with a red thread and a silver pendant of the symbol of the Hamsa.

It is an amulet that brings good luck and protection against the evil eye into your life. It is also a piece that protects its wearer from any disease, poverty, accidents or any other type of misfortune.

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