Keep your house under surveillance at all times and in all places.

The security It is a subject that worries us all and that is why we always look for ways to be protected to feel calm. Either because you want to know who knocks on your door or you want to be watching your children while you are away. The spy cameras They are a very small and useful item to protect your home all the time and know what goes on inside and outside your home. There is a great variety on the market, even some you can control from your smartph If you want to have one at home, you can take a look at the list that we will show you below:

1. Urxtral: 1080p resolution camera

It is a discreet camera that not visible to the naked eye. It features 1080p recording, optical lens, fisheye and infrared night vision lights. You can control it through your smartphone or tablet with a wi-fi connection.

It also has motion sensors that will keep you aware of everything that happens around you. When you are not at home, will notify you with an alarm so you stay tuned.

2. Sirgawain: small camera with full HD night vision

It is a spy camera that turns on only when detects movement. You can record video at 1080p resolution and capture 12 megapixel photos. It also has a 150 degree wide angle lens and infrared lights.

It is very small and compact easy to install and use. You can place it anywhere in your home so that you feel comfortable and safe while doing other activities.

3. MHDYT: spy camera with magnetic mount

This camera stands out for its little size. It is capable of recording high definition videos. Its magnetic mount allows it to adapt to any surface. Supports SD cards up to 32GB.

Will record up to 30 frames per second, so you can see in detail everything that happens in your home while you rest. To view the videos recorded by this camera you can see it through your computer via a USB cable.

4. Oucam: camera with remote surveillance

Device that connects your smartphone through a wi-fi connection, perfect for remote control. It is very easy to configure. Supports SD cards up to 64gb.

If you have your children in the care of a babysitter and want to keep an eye on everything that happens while you are away, this camera can be a great choice, because it visualizes the whole panorama from your ph It will not be noticed and also record automatically for the whole day.