Take care of your oily skin without making it more oily.

Caring for oily skin does not have to be complicated, but you should use products suitable for oily skin. Well if you couldn’t make it more fat and leave her feeling heavy. We recommend 4 moisturizers for oily skin, which you can use in the morning and at night.

1. Bioderma: minimizes pores and mattifies the skin

This is a moisturizing cream that helps minimize pores, mattifies the skin, prevents shine and sebum appear in the middle of the afternoon. It is a moisturizer for oily and combination skin, it is perfect if your skin is irritated, as this cream is very soft. You can apply it with any other product of your beauty routine.

If you apply it to your face in the morning, do it before applying makeup so that you do not have shine in the T z In a few weeks you will see the change. It has 4.2 stars.

2. THESAEM: Light moisturizer that leaves a smooth and smooth face

This is a super light moisturizer, perfect for oily skin and for those that have acne and pimples. Contains manuka honey, marigold flower and echinacea. You must place it after your tonic and serum. Put little product you can cover all face and neck.

You will feel your skin hydrated and fresh. It will help remove pimples and small pimples. Many buyers they loved it for being light, but it really hydrates the face and leaves it soft.

3. La Roche Posay: controls sebum and does not remove natural oils from the face

Oily skin needs hydration because otherwise it could cause more sebum. This moisturizer for oily skin is mattifying, but without being abrasive with natural oils of the skin. It helps improve the appearance of the skin and prevents your pores from looking large.

This facial moisturizer can be applied at night and in the morning, no matter what other acids or retinoils you use. Apply before sunscreen. This brand is one of the more important in the French industry.

4. Neutrogena: gel type cream with hyaluronic acid

If you have a short budget, but you want hydrated skin and even anti-aging ingredients, this gel cream is perfect. When used on oily skin, it does not leave a heavy feeling and it’s super light. You only need to apply very little product to cover all face and neck.

It has hyaluronic acid that helps to care for moisture and moisture in the skin. Thanks to its consistency it is immediately absorbed into the skin. This moisturizing cream for oily skin helps give total wetting preventing it from looking stiff or without texture.