Care for beautiful blonde hair with an intense color.

It is very likely that at some point in your life you have given a complete turn to your look with a color change or with highlights, which are often the best allies to achieve it. That is why it is normal for you to feel inspired to try different styles using discoloration to give light or hide your gray hair. And since dyes have become the main protagonists in the lives of many women, it is important that you use the suitable products for your hair type, this way you will keep it healthy and manageable at all times.

And is that if you have a mane that was subjected to dyes or bleachingIdeally, you should start with a different care routine than you were used to, because hair exposed to chemicals and dyes tend to dehydrate and lose their shine more quickly. For example, normally blond Dyed degenerates from the start, so you need a conditioner to help preserve color and remove those pesky orange and yellow tones, while hydrating and strengthening your hair from root to tip.

So that your new color does not lose its shine you can use shampoos and conditioners revitalizing They contain softer formulas to nourish the fibers, fix the pigments and reduce oxidation, something that is essential so that the hair does not lose luminosity. And in the event that you have thick and frizzy hair, these color treatment lines are the most appropriate to treat them because they adapt to the needs of each strand. Apart from all these cares, you should also avoid subjecting your hair to excessive exposure to the sun, chlorinated pool water and sea salt.

So don’t miss these 4 products with antioxidant agents, rich in vitamin E and citrus that prevent early loss of color, close the hair cuticles and provide the brightness what you need for a more natural blonde shade; although you can also use them for the maintenance of gray, silver, white, purple and green hair, which are those that are exposed to unsightly color appearances.

1. Clarifying formula with chamomile

A conditioner made from chamomiles and citrus It is also combined with BlondMend technology, which restores moisture to dry or chemically treated hair. Best of all, it does not contain peroxide or ammonia, so it does not affect the health of the scalp and allows you to use it in different shades of blonde, whether natural or colored.

It is a safe product for natural, highlighted or colored hair, especially if you combine it with the shampoo and after-shower treatment that belongs to the same line. These guarantee you a optimal rinse and more gradual, as long as you use them every time you wash your hair so that you get a healthy, soft and manageable mane.

2. Conditioner for intense care

Conditioner for intensive care of the scalp that has a recipe free of sulfate, a component that removes nutrients from the strands, breaks down the oil and produces foam, which affects the health of the hair. However, this care system only uses ingredients from soft actions that make the hair stay protected and look better.

In addition, this product with moisturizing qualities has a formula with purple and hybrid pigments that are responsible for penetrating the cuticle of the hair and toning the tones of copper, silver, white and blonde hair, while neutralizing all nuances. oranges and yellows that usually appear; all this while working to leave it deeply hydrated and prevent it from weakening. And if you want better results, you can combine it with the shampoo of the same line and use them together 2 to 3 times a week, this way you will look brighter and with a more uniform color.

3. Mask conditioner purple

It is a conditioning mask with purple pigment that tones, neutralizes and revitalizes the nuances of yellow pigments thanks to its enriched formula with vitamin B5 and soy proteins that restore damaged hair; while its essences extracted from natural oils that include coconut, marulla and jojoba strengthen it and leave it with greater shine and softness. In addition, its regular use manages to keep the tan at bay, improves its elasticity and repairs the fibers that are damaged, since it hydrates it from the roots to the ends.

The toner of this mask manages to eliminate the yellow or orange tones while conditioning the follicles so that they remain healthy and without opacity, which provides complete care to your blonde mane to make it look revitalized and natural. It is also important that you take care of your hair from the sun, since this causes the color of your hair to decompose quickly, causing it to dry out and break. These are the reasons why this product has UV filters that are designed to absorb the harmful rays of the sun and protect the hair from fading.

Treatment for extra shine

A hair care product that is exclusively designed to remove yellow and orange pigments in artificial colors like green, blue, purple, and red. Its function is to refresh the fading lights, tone the latency and leave the manes shiny; best of all, you can apply it to any type of colored hair Risk free.

It is also an ultra pigmented mask that is ideal for hair styles with light tones like platinum, blonde, white and gray because it tones the color and leaves it looking more natural. The recommendation is to apply it on the dry strands from the roots to the ends, and then leave it to act for 5 to 10 minutes to repair the damaged strands; In this way your hair will achieve a healthier and revitalized appearance.

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