The best way to stay on top of your baby at night.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our baby it is part of the responsibility that is given to us when we are parents. You need to be taking care of it at every moment and even more when you are in your room. The monitors with camera They are devices that have been designed to be able to take care of our baby at all times. Below we will show you some of the best monitors perfect to always be aware of our son.

1. Device with night vision

It is a latest generation monitor equipped with night vision to monitor your baby while resting. It has a great scope so you can be aware of everything that happens anywhere.

Thanks to its two-way communication system you can talk to him your baby no matter where you are so you can calm him if he is crying or very restless.

2. Monitor for baby long distance

It is a monitor that gives you the necessary functions to keep a watch on your baby at any time. It is equipped with an LCD screen, a digital zoom optical lens, infrared lights and has a range of 960 feet.

You will be able to have a vision of the complete panorama of the room where your child sleeps. It is an easy to use equipment and its battery lasts up to 8 hours, it also plays 4 soft melodies that will help your baby to relax.

3. Real-time recording system full HD

It is a monitor that offers you a full HD view in real time with angles up to 108 degrees so you can be aware of everything that happens in the room. It is equipped with WiFi connection and you can synchronize it with up to 4 different devices.

It is very practical and small so it can be easily adapted to small rooms. It also has a long range and includes infrared lights that detect and indicate the body temperature and your baby’s movements.

4. Camera broadcast 24 hours via smartphone

It is equipped with advanced technology that can be controlled from a smartphone via WiFi connection. Its lenses offer you real-time night vision that detects every movement within the room.

It is a high quality monitor that gives you the best image and sound in real time. It also helps you communicate with your baby whenever you want. Its design gives you the ability to rotate up to 360 ° to give you a complete view of the room and its surroundings.