Purify and disinfect your home and take care of the health of your whole family

The Mites They are insects that are invisible to the naked eye and originate in the powder and in different types of fabrics, such as bedding, mattresses, pillows, rugs, and many more. These types of insects are responsible for produce allergies, generally in the skin, so only with the deep cleaning and the use of specialized products we can remove them. That is why below we show you some of the best options available to clean your home and get rid of them.

1. Vaccum cleaner hand


This is a vacuum cleaner specially designed to clean dirt, It has powerful suction power that vacuum traps dust, mites, dandruff and more. Includes UV light to sterilize surfaces.

Too is responsible for removing moisture with a hot air outlet so that your bed is dry and comfortable. You can use it on your bed, your sofa and your rugs so that everything is completely clean.

2. Vacuum cleaner Bed


It has been designed with a more powerful suction, a longer power cable and a hidden telescopic handle to avoid bending during cleaning. With high efficiency it has a 130ºF UV tube for hot air.

It guarantees the elimination of mites on surfaces such as your bed, sofas, sheets, duvets and any type of fabric. Its structure is compact so you can sterilize comfortably.

3. Vacuum cleaner Mattress with UV light


With advanced HEPA filtration, is responsible for capturing 99.98% of the particles no matter how tiny they are. In addition to UV light, it has an energy cover to help eliminate bacteria and mites.

It is responsible for vacuum cleaning and for its part, the cover of this vacuum cleaner has been designed in a compact and very light way, with a large capacity integrated dust collector.

4. Vacuum cleaner with UV light

It is mainly used for the elimination of mites, thanks to its sterilization by UV tube and hot air which guarantee high efficiency in the elimination of bedbugs, mites, microorganisms and bacteria.

With double sucks and powerful attraction outperform the mites at the bottom of your sheet and mattress to fully absorb them. Additionally, its activated carbon technology blocks contamination.