Hands are our first business card. Therefore, according to what their state is, many conclusions can be drawn about a person. An important part of hand maintenance are the nail, so they must always be well cared for, strong and bright. To achieve this, look at the following list with the best products for the care and maintenance of your nail.

1. Treatment to eliminate spots

This is a polish formulated to strengthen, care for and remove stains from your nails. It has been made with natural ingredients like green tea and also vitamin B5.

You only need to apply between one and two layers of the enamel on the nails to strengthen them, remove stains and give it a much brighter, more beautiful and healthier appearance.

2. Hardener for nails


A lacquer that is responsible for providing the maximum strengthening of the nails. This product contains protein from hydrolyzed wheat and calcium to allow your nails to be much harder, longer, stronger and with a more natural shine.

Thanks to its content calcium and proteinThis product prepares your nails for an aesthetically pleasing manicure. You can use it as an independent treatment or as a base coat before varnish.

3. Cream strengthening

It is a nail strengthening cream that is formulated with a rich blend of vitamins, minerals and emollients which restore the natural balance and moisture of your nails.

Allow your soft, brittle nails to heal, while stimulating healthier, more controlled growth. Also, this cream provides a reinforcement that strengthens your nails and your cuticles.

4. Hardener for German quality nails


It is a nail product made with the popular formula known as German chemistry, its properties are those indicated for strengthen and stimulate nail growth.

You should apply it as an initial base before the manicure so that later you can comfortably apply the enamel. The constant use of this product within your nail care routine guarantees that you will look more bright and beautiful.