Heal your lips from cold sores.

Herpes on the lips can appear overnight, can cause burning, itching, pain and is very uncomfortable. If you don’t have a treatment, cold sores can last up to 15 days. We give you 4 treatments that will help you eliminate and reduce cold sores and you can continue your daily routine without feeling uncomfortable. You can get these 4 products without a prescription.

1. Basic Organics: natural ingredients that end the problem

If you prefer natural products to eliminate this type of problem, this product contains vitamins A, D and E, menthol, cocoa butter, among others. It will help the cold sores drying up with each application. It also helps repair blisters, chapped lips and very dry. Always wash your hands before applying it.

You can apply it 5 times a day, to increase its effectiveness and eliminate pain faster. It has .875 ounces, which will help you end that lip fire. A product that has 4.5 stars.

2. Abreva: kill lip fire in less than 3 days

This is a treatment for lip fire, which from the first application calms pain, burning and itching. It has ingredients like benzyl alcohol, light mineral oil, propylene glycol, purified water, and sucrose distearate. Although it is a small product, from the first application you will notice improvements and you will see how you do not need to finish the entire product.

The sooner you use it, the faster your cold sore will heal. It is recommended to use by 5 continuous days. The cream may be a little white and thick.

3. MERIX: removes lip fire in one day

This cold sore treatment is responsible for drying, removing pain, tingling and burning. It does not irritate your skin, nor does it dry it out. This cream promises to dry your lip fire in just one day, if you apply 4 to 5 times a day. When you apply it at night, let the product dry before going to sleep.

Some buyers have seen results from day It is a product of .20 ounces, which will serve you to use it for several days. Many buyers prefer this product over products that require a prescription. It has 4.2 stars.

4. Orajel: 4 applicators that eliminate cold sores

This is a product that acts quickly, it is ideal to use it since you start noticing lip fire symptoms. This product is for single use, as it includes 4 applicators with product that you must apply to the affected area, you must use it as if it were a lip balm. Let it act for a few minutes and you’re d

This treatment, although it is short, will help you a lot to eliminate the cold sore. This is an excellent medicine for fire on the lips, which will not harm or dry your lips. Have 4.4 stars.