Look beautiful and soft feet with these products.

Corns They are thickened skin that forms on different parts of the feet, which cause pain and are generally produced by shoes that are very tight, generating these discomforts in people. Too usually come out in hard-working hands of those people who undergo hard work where tools made of wood or iron are manipulated, causing the skin to thicken and these surfaces of the skin appear, yellowish in appearance and feel hard and rough.

When the skin is not cared for and is subjected to so many contacts with certain objects or environments, the calluses They are usually the body’s response, expressing its excess friction in those areas where we apply force and friction. It is very important to know how to differentiate calluses from other hard lesions that appear on the skin, so it is necessary to know the characteristics of a callus in order to give it the proper treatment.

Corns, clinically known like plantar hyperkeratosis, they are divided into two types; like the hardnesses that have a yellowish color with indefinite edges and the helomas that alter the skin to a deep level that can generate discomfort and pain and are covered by hardness.

We must bear in mind that a tight shoe, socks very close to the foot, bad footprints, the lack of hydration, as well as other pathologies are what cause them. Specialist doctors such as podiatrists are ideal for treating this condition, appropriately depending on the case presented by the person. Similarly, Prevention is very important so you don’t suffer from these occurrences in the dermis. To help you relieve those pains, we share some of the best products They will help you soften calluses and thus give a better appearance to your feet.

1. 40% urea cream for the feet

This cream is made from 40% urea that has the function of eliminating the thickness of the skin that comes out of the calluses, repairing every crack. It also hydrates the skin It dries because it has chamomile extract creating a protective layer on the affected dermis, relieving itching and scales. Among its components is tea tree oil that helps repel bacteria caused by fungi leaving the area renewed and the benefits of aloe vera, which has the powers to renew the skin, leaving a new and beautiful skin. The cream has been tested and passed the highest standard tests, so it poses no risk to people with allergies.

If you are looking for benefits and quick results, this cream has been created to miraculously protect your feet, avoiding water loss, improving smoothness and increasing blood circulation. generates cell growth and gives a renewed, fresh and very good-looking skin. If you want to restore the softness and relief caused by calluses to your skin, then this lotion is the one for you.

2. Remover gel callus

This callus remover has been made in the form of a gel and comes in a presentation with 236 ml of product that will will help restore damaged skin by the calluses that form both on the hands and feet, eliminating the dead cells that generate this rough area. You will not have to resort to any extra tool to remove the calluses because they will fall off on their own.

The experts who have tried it and who recommend it, indicate that they should apply a part of the gel to the area to be treated and let it act for at least two or three minutes immersed in hot water, then you dry them and apply another thick layer of the gel and let it rest for three minutes, clean it and apply your usual moisturizer or scrub or simply leave them clean and enjoying the relief and softness that returns to your skin.

3. Electric Remover from tripe

A novel method and electrical device to remove corns that form on the feet or any other part of the body from the root. It has a high resistance motor that works with nickel of very good quality, with a full charge battery it can work for up to 40 continuous minutes. Brings two large, durable rollers, one to remove rough skin and the one that has become hard corns so they adapt to all needs. It also has a roller head that is removable and can be rinsed with water, being easy to clean.

You can take it everywhere with you so that wherever you are, you keep your feet ready for undertake the best walks and thus be able to enjoy unforgettable moments. This electronic foot file regenerates dry, hard, dead and chapped skin. Your heels will thank you feeling great.

4. Callus remover gel with tea tree oil

A powerful and effective callus remover made with tea tree oil that helps exfoliate the skin of the area with calluses, leaving them ready to be removed. Gel Majestic Pure CosmeceuticalsIt comes in a 473 ml container with a spray nozzle. It is very easy to apply, you let it act for about five minutes and then remove it with warm or cold water. You can include other treatments such as scrubs or creams to reinforce the work done by the callus remover. Without a doubt, it is one of the best choices you can have to end that dryness and yellow spots on your feet.

You can apply it in areas such as the eyes, elbows, feet and hands or where you have calluses, nourishing and hydrating the skin immediately. If you are looking to remove those callous and annoying areas that prevent you from walking and doing all your activities in a normal way, then incorporate this gel into your treatment that will restore softness and freshness.