The latest technology to control the temperature of your home.

A thermostat It is a device used to regulate the temperature of your home automatically, this offers the possibility of creating a pleasant and above all healthy indoor environment. There are different types, but this time we show you the best options in smart thermostats at a great price.

1. Compatible with operating system iOS and Android

A device that allows you to adjust the temperature and control all settings with ease from any device iOs and Android. It can be configured to work with room sensors to monitor hot and cold spots in the home.

All the settings and functions of the device are completely adjustable, in this way you can create a pleasant environment and save money while you are away from home.

2. Environmental thermometer with Alexa

Designed to be a fully programmable device and provides a great experience in energy efficiencyYou can program temperature settings for up to 7 days with 8 periods to save energy. The thermostat is compatible with various devices.

A modern and elegant tool that is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. It is very simple to configure and control from any of your smart devices.

3. Device programmable with easy-to-read text

It has a touch screen and is fully customizable with numbers and texts that are very easy to read. It allows you to see the weather and also the levels of RH both inside and outside.

It has configuration with options programming easy. It also sends you alerts that tell you when to change the air filter, replacement humidifier pads, and more.

4. Smart thermostat with Wifi

It has been designed with a system that registers the preference of temperatures and automatically adjusts the values ​​in each room. You can connect it to your WiFi to change the temperature from your smart devices.

Works with 95% of heating and cooling systems in 24 voltsIn this way, it allows you to save energy and obtain the adequate temperature inside your home without generating an excessive expense on the bill.