Increases collagen production to care for the joints.

With age, collagen production can decrease considerably, your skin loses firmness, elasticity, joints can become sensitive and damaged, tendons, tissues and ligaments can hurt and falls can be very dangerous. The best way to increase the producollagen action in the body is consuming supplements, this will help you counteract the signs of aging and take care of your bones, know which ones will help you.

1. Garden of Life: the best supplement to increase collagen is vitamin C

Probably the best supplement to increase collagen is vitamin C. Collagen needs vitamin C to form properly. These 2 actives act together so do not hesitate to consume vitamin C in capsules or powder. Vitamin C will take care of your skin, joints, your immune system and promotes healthy digestion with live probiotics and enzymes.

Vitamin C must be consumed after eat food and preferably in the morning. You can consume together vitamin C and hydrolyzed collagen.

2. Carlson: magnesium, take care of the bones and avoid stress

Magnesium helps strengthen the muscular nervous system, bone health, prevents fatigue and tiredness, can decrease joint pain. It is ideal to consume it if you start having bone pain and joints. Magnesium helps increase collagen so your body stays healthy.

If you consume collagen powder it will help your bones are stronger never. Magnesium will help you to not have tension and you can relax without feeling exhausted in your activities.

3. NaturaLife Labs: garlic, a natural ingredient to increase collagen in the body

Garlic helps a lot in the production of collagen, and prevents it from staying longer in your body. By itself it helps to eliminate pain in the joints and repairs tissues. A great solution to consume it without leaving an odor is through capsules. Garlic helps balance cholesterol levels, is a great antioxidant and cares for the immune system.

This supplement should be taken after consuming food, it may repeat the taste the first few days, but in a matter of days that sensation will disappear.

4. Megared: 2 oils that help care for the heart and give you more collagen

Fatty acids help a lot to improve the formation of collagen in the body. This supplement has omega 3 and krill oilBoth are perfect for taking care of cholesterol levels, taking care of blood flow, reducing joint inflammation. You will notice improvements in your skin, bones and even in your eyesight.

This supplement will help you have more collagen in your bodyYou can consume it from your 30 years which is when production begins to decrease. Consume one capsule daily and always keep them away from sunlight.