For those who have a dry cough or cough with phlegm and you no longer want to consume medications or want to expel phlegm without being abrasive with your body, teas are an excellent option to feel better in those moments with very low defenses. These teas for dry cough and to remove phlegm, will help you to raise your defenses, eliminate the constipated nose and that you can feel better. They are caffeine free alternatives, choose to drink these hot teas and sleep a few more hours to rest.

1. Thyme tea: Helps relieve dry cough and unclog nose

Believe it or not, thyme is an excellent spice that helps treat coughs. What it does is that helps remove phlegm and that you can end the cough. Also if you are struggling with a stuffy nose, it will help you to breathe better because it uncovers it. Its flavor is a bit similar to mint, but it has a slight touch of itchiness.

Drink this very hot dry cough tea so you can feel relief before sleeping. Thyme tea is caffeine free, so it can be consumed at any time.

2. Lemon ginger tea: expels phlegm and raises your defenses protecting the immune system

One of the best teas to relieve dry or phlegm cough is lemon ginger tea. Ginger is undoubtedly a component that has benefits from weight loss to raising defenses. Consuming the ginger and lemon tea helps to raise the defenses, takes care of the immune system and helps you recover faster. It is an ingredient that allows you to expel phlegm and calm cough in a few hours.

You will notice that after the first cup, you will even have heat, this is because of the components of the ginger. Always consume it hot and if you want add a little honey, to give it that sweet touch.

3.Licorice tea: ideal for expelling phlegm and unclogging the nose

Licorice tea is an anti-inflammatory, so it helps to calm the cough and to expel phlegm easier. It will also help you to not have your nose covered, with a cup you will feel that relief in your chest, after spending several hours coughing. Although this tea also has marshmallow, cinnamon, orange and thyme root to make a fully complete cough tea, which boosts defenses and protects the immune system.

It’s caffeine-free, so you can drink it at work or before bed. It does not contain sugar and its flavor is sweet, but with a slight spice flavor. It can be consumed by children, men and women.

4. Mint tea: a natural antimicrobial and pain reliever that unclogs the nose and relieves dry cough

Peppermint tea helps boost your defenses, unclog your nose, and curb dry coughs. Likewise if the flu and cold causes headaches, mint helpsease those pains . It can also eliminate and prevent inflammation. Peppermint is characterized by having properties that are analgesic, antimicrobial and antioxidant. An herb to consume, even if you are not sick.

The ideal is that you consume it throughout the day, so that you do not have problems when sleeping. Even inhale that scent of mint helps unclog the nose.