Rollerblading It is one of those sports in which no matter how old you are, it always turns out to be a very fun activity. And that is why, we want to recommend you the best 5 adult skates, with which you can have fun with your children while doing an aerobic activity that will allow you to burn calories in a way entertaining and different.

1. Unisex skates for adults and children

From quad and unisex wheels, the skates are lightweight and reliable. Its Sonic Cruiser 62mm outer wheels are designed to keep going when the going gets tough.

They give you comfort, performance, wear resistance, excellent grip and smooth, fast and effortless gliding. Perfect to go combined with the family.

2. Bladerunner: Unisex Soft Riding Skates

The skates have a lining and a tongue that ensure comfort for any skater. On the other hand, its closure system adds to the overall fit and helps the entry-level skate feel like it’s designed for experts.

You will feel comfortable and easy to use as they offer you a smooth ride. Also, their setup allows you to roll at a moderate speed with a little less effort since they are slightly faster.

3. Cal 7: indoor and outdoor skating skates

Synthetic leather and with a quadruple design, the skates have an ankle support frame. Perfect for adults and children. Available in various colors.

Classic in design, the skates give you a additional support which includes 54 × 32 mm wheels in 78A soft PVC material. In addition to that, they are comfortable and durable.

4. Roller Derby: skates for multiple surfaces

The skates feature a padded lining, reinforced heel support and lace closure.

his classic style and its 56mm urethane wheels are the best that these skates give you since you can use them on multiple surfaces.

5. Rollerblade: high performance men’s skates

The skates have a wide padded lining training that guarantees the comfort of any skater. The closure system adds to the overall fit and elevates the feel of this entry level skate.

They give you high performance, support, comfort and ease of use. Plus, its durable, monocoque frame integrates with the shell for a lower center of gravity, thus improving stability, balance and control, crucial for beginners.