Recover your skin quickly and safely with these creams.

The aloe vera plant has more than 400 types and species, and is one of the most recommended for the lesson treatise and other series of linked factors to human health, either by organic, medicinal or cosmetic means. Particularly on the skin, it has a powerful effect, especially for burns and in the healing processThat is why it is used in creams and ointments. Look at the following options that we show you below for aloe vera creams, special for treating skin burns.

1. Ointment Miracle of Aloe

It is an organic aloe vera based ointment for soothe and relieve minor injuries, bites, minor burns and other incidents on the skin’s surface, reducing scarring in a short time, as well as repairing damaged cells.

This cream is a effective relief for scars and minor skin lesions, providing a cooling layer in just seconds, so you feel fresh and calm, while the properties of aloe vera act.

2. Relief gel Amazon Brand

This product contains eight ounces of formula mixed with aloe vera, lidocaine, menthol, among other ingredients, to temporarily relieve pain, itching and sunburn.

This gel will refresh and cool your skin after being exposed to the sun, particularly after going to the beach. Its immediate and therapeutic effect is due to the mixture with lidocaine added.

3. Aloe vera gel pure and organic

It is a pure aloe vera gel no odor or chemical additives or alcohols to soothe irritated skin and burns. It is an authentic formula to eliminate itching from the sun, rashes and redness on the face.

With this natural lotion you can prevent insect bites and relieve sunburn, as well as bites on the skin and the scalp, as you provide more softness and flexibility on your skin.

4. Gel organic aloe vera

It is a 12 ounce bottle of organic aloe vera gel to relieve sunburn on the skin, as well as the acne and irritations in the face. This product is carbon filtered and cold pressed, and is free of chemical additives and other harmful elements. It has a powerful formula with vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential enzymes to care for the skin.

It comes in a organic bottle and BPA free that brings together a totally fresh antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal product, and that provides your skin with a natural, healthy and fully effective treatment.

5. Aloe gel Seven Minerals

It’s a product 99% organic with a fast absorbing formula made with natural algae to care for the skin and recover from burns and other irritations, both on the arms and face, in addition to acting effectively on the hair.

This product leaves no residue, you can apply it easily and without any concern, since it is very effective and provides all the properties of aloe vera.