Nothing like enjoying a well scented house every day

The best option for your home to remain with a pleasant and completely natural smell are the essence diffusers. These devices spread the fragrances through a delicate mist that is responsible for distributing them throughout the house, at the same time that they relieve you of daily stress and purify the air. Among the most popular fragrances are lavender, lemon, orange, mint, and vanilla. And so here we will show you some kits diffusers with essential oils so that you always have your house well scented.

1. System custom fog

It is an essential oil diffuser that is equipped with the mode of continuous fog and flashing to fill your home with your favorite essences. The device has an automatic shutdown system and an independent light and fog function.

It includes essential oils of tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, mint, lemon and sweet orange, which evaporate and spread filling the room with its pleasant fragrance. It is a safe way to clean the air inside your home without resorting to chemicals.

2. Diffuser with 14 led lights

It is an aromatherapy oil diffuser that has a system of 14 LED lights that work independently. This device has four timers which provide an opportunity to set the intensity and duration time of the fog.

The device includes six essential oils that you can add to the water in the form of drops to ensure that these delicious fragrances will be distributed throughout the room and will continue to permeate your spaces for up to 15 hours.

3. Device with auto power off

Therapeutic grade diffuser featuring automatic shutdown technology and a light system with seven modes lighting that you can enjoy with up to 14 different combinations.

Includes 10 essential oils that you can dilute in water and even combine them to produce a pleasant and lasting aroma in the different rooms of your home.

4. Automatic flavoring with ultrasonic technology

It is an ultrasonic diffuser designed with a wooden base that supports the water tank. Among its functions is a cycle of seven lights and a timer that you can set to automatically turn off.

It is an aromatherapy option that includes six essential oils that guarantee fresh and relaxing fragrances for up to seven hours. It is designed to create a mist that can cover up to 215 square feet.

5. Aroma diffuser with Bluetooth

This essential oil diffuser is equipped with a light system Soothing LEDs, a speaker with integrated Bluetooth and automatic shutdown. The device includes fragrances of orange, lavender, chamomile, and lemon.

It is a piece that works as a humidifier and decongestant at the same time, this is because the mist it produces is also useful to relieve dry skin, stuffy noses and the alergies.