The Bible It is one of the most read documents in all of history and has been one of the books most reproduced since the invention of the printing press. Many people like to have a copy on hand in their home, office and even in the car. However, many find it a little more difficult to read due to the size of the letters. That is why today we share five bibles with you giant letters that you can read comfortably whenever you need it.

1. Bible with cover imitation leather

It’s a large letter bible that features a brown faux fur lining, page indicators, songs, special notes, prayers, and even a section of family record. It is a text with a very striking and safe cover that guarantees a long useful life.

This bible has a striking and refined covering that will allow you to take it to everywhere so you can always read it whenever you want and spend time on meditation.

2. Black leather cover reconstituted

It is a copy of the Bible with a reconstituted leather covering that combines a readable design in a very practical presentation. Its small size allows you to carry it comfortably even inside your travel suitcase.

This bible has a series of very precise and relevant sections for the devoted and passionate people biblical text. The lining will allow you to keep it safe anywhere and take it with you at all times.

3. Large print book with white coating

It is a hardcover white lined bible that features indexes, parallel passages, commentary, and a host of other important pointers. It is made with texts enough big as to make your reading something very easy and enjoyable.

It is a beautiful copy of The Bible with a high quality coating that guarantees great durability. Its practical size allows you to use it anywhere and anytime.

4. Pocket edition with imitation leather

It is a Spanish copy of the Bible that has an imitation leather cover that gives it a beautiful and fresh look. Has embossed graphics in an attractive shade of aqua green.

This bible is distinguished from other copies by its little design common and modern. An ideal option for people with a somewhat hectic lifestyle.

5. Holy Bible with brown lid

A bible that includes chain references, historical overview, an annual reading plan, harmony of the gospels, color maps and other documents to enrich the reading. Has a presentation aesthetically attractive and refined.

This biblical text will help you to carry out your reading in an organized and easy way, thanks to all the documents that have a comfortable font size and its resistant cover that allows you to carry it with total security.