Because in family everything is better …

Some parents take advantage of Easter to talk to their children about spirituality, others take the time to take vacations and spend time with the family. In our family we like Easter Sunday to be a very special day, that’s why we go to church, and right there we do the traditional “Egg Hunting” and then with the community we enjoy a delicious “brunch”. Of course, always eating chocolates and the famous marshmallows marshmallows are part of the celebration. Now I want to share with you some gifts that I like to give to my children. Also so that they continue to develop their skills and we adults can share and also enjoy these days.

Now I share some ideas of the 5 best gifts for Easter Day:

# 1 Gardening game

I love this time of year. It is perfect for planting flowers, plants and so we take advantage of the fact that we are on vacation to do it as a family. We also teach children that planting is giving life. You can prepare a basket that has a small shovel, seeds, a rake, dirt, watering can, gloves and accessories so that they are ready to work in the garden.

# 2 Coloring page

Give them a picture frame, portrait, or drawing to do with the celebration. That will teach them the value of this party. In addition, you can accompany it with crayons, colored pencils, paints and everything you need to complete your crafts.

# 3 Egg Hunt Set

Egg Hunting – This is one of the most anticipated events, so we must give them the tools to make them feel like true expert egg hunters or catchers. There are many alternatives you can buy: bags, decorate baskets and even prepare a map to help them find their eggs.

# 4 Egg with surprises

You are their mother and you know very well that they are excited to have. You can buy plastic Easter eggs and put various small items there that they might like. Put small toys, bows, makeup, passes for the cinema, sweets, sweets, really what you can think of that they may like and above all that will make them smile.

# 5 Chocolates

I love giving away chocolates with Easter motifs. It can be from a bunny to a religious motif like a cross. These are just a few ideas for you to truly provide the gift you want most. The most important thing for me is that you feel that special connection. Also, you can take advantage of these days of reflection to show your love and give peace to your loved ones.

1. Hatchimals – Easter basket with 6 collectible Hatchimals:

It is a Hatchimals Extravaganza. You find Hatchimals-exclusive collectibles in a colorful basket. With four characters inside an egg and two outside the egg.

2. Crafts – Glass effect, acrylic with assorted decorations:

Easter children’s painting craft set to personalize and hang. Color with fine-tip pens or glass paints (not included).

3. Gardening Game – This set includes sturdy tote bag, watering can, shovel, rake, and trowel:

Ready to go out and plant precious memories with your children? Now to leave the television and electronics aside because it is time to enjoy the outdoors with this gift for the whole family.

4. Chocolates – Kinder Joy chocolate candy eggs with surprise toy inside. Easter basket, 15 units.

The cocoa cream flavor, with two crispy balls, satisfies your hunger for sweets and is an excellent snack.

5. Marshmallows – Variety of 4:

Different colors to celebrate this Easter day.