A garment to show off a flat and sexy abdomen.

A good figure is very important for woman, since through it you can project your femininity and also serves as an excellent reinforcement to increase your safety. To have that desired look, the ideal is to resort to diets and exercises that help you overcome each goal that you set for yourself. Another way to get a sexier figure is with a sash, that’s why today we share five designs with double fit.

1. Training garment of waist

This girdle is ideal for shaping and flattening the waist. It is made with elastic neoprene that fits all body types. It has a double adjustment hook to give a better result and flatten the abdomen area.

The materials of this girdle have a light sauna effect that makes you sweat around your belly and waist. It is also ideal for women who are in the process of recovery post partum or have undergone cosmetic surgery.

2. Girdle slimming with adjusting hooks

It is made of elastic neoprene and completely latex free, it has a hook adjustment And it has a mesh on the back that is completely breathable and allows free air flow to keep you cool at all times.

This waist shaper is made with Flex-boning technology that works like a waist corset with adjustable velcro closure. The belt reduces the Abdominal fat and uses body temperature to help you reduce measurements in areas as complicated as the abdomen and waist.

3. Training belt with ventilation

Designed with a comfortable stretch fabric that fit the body And it also has a breathable system that allows you to stay dry while you exercise. It has a velcro closure that gives it a double adjustment.

By using this girdle, you can flatten areas where the rolls appear such as the belly, abdomen and back. It also stimulates the weightloss and it allows you to obtain results in a short time.

4. Corset coach waist

This girdle is made with cotton, lycra and latex that guarantee a long-lasting garment. It has three rows of closures hook that allow a better fit that adapts to the shape of the body.

This girdle gives you a figure of Hourglass that will make you look and feel super comfortable and beautiful when you go to the gym or any meeting.

5. Strip to obtain the figure of Hourglass

This girdle is ideal for flattening areas like the waist, abdomen, back and belly. It can be freely adjusted so you have a garment firm and comfortable that you can use daily. It has holes that make it breathable and prevent excess sweating.

Get a spectacular figure with the help of this super girdle that will facilitate the weight loss process. Comes in black color so you can use it under your clothes without being noticed.