The skin It is the largest organ of the human body and is made up of several layers, the first being that which is exposed to the environment and the climatic changes that we subject it to on a daily basis. Therefore, taking care of your health and moisturizing it is very important to keep it healthy, smooth and clean. And if you are looking for a cream that provides deep hydration and prevents dryness, then check these options that we have for you, that you can use in any area of ​​your body, especially in the elbows.

1. Ultra Smoothing Cream for elbows and heels

Glytone is a cream specially formulated to treat areas that may look rough. like the elbows and heels of the feet. Due to its components with glycolic acid and glycerin, it works as an exfoliant that removes dead cells from the skin’s surface, hydrating deeply.

This exfoliating cream has been tested and recommended by dermatologists and skin specialists, which is why they suggest its use to treat those less soft parts of the skin, giving a massage when applying it, on the heels and elbows, once a day, leaving her act about 10 or 15 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water, and thus you will obtain the desired results.

2. Smoothing Cream for battered skin

Mario Badescu offers you this cream that is responsible for smoothing all those parts of your skin affected by dryness. In a presentation of 56 grams of pure product to treat the dermis, this cream Deeply moisturize your heels and elbows.

Its consistency is of a gel, so its application is extremely comfortable and easy, to relieve painful cracks in the feet, returning that natural softness. You will only need apply a little gel on the affected area and then cover with cotton bandages or stockings and let it act until you consider it necessary.

3. Cream with 40% urea to deeply hydrate

A intense treatment to hydrate the skin down to its deepest levels. This is how this cream has been conceived, with a special formula of chamomile extract, plus tea tree and aloe vera that gives these functions of relief, hydration, rejuvenation and protection for your skin.

With this formula that has 40% urea you can in a few weeks see and feel the results in your dermis, because it will stop being dry and rough to become soft due to its cellular repair. Your feet and elbows will thank you.

4. Whitening and moisturizing cream the skin

A cream created especially to whiten and hydrate those areas of the skin that require special care. This gel cream has herbal ingredients that promote whitening in places like the armpits, the bikini area and give maximum hydration to the elbows and heels.

This cream does not irritate the skin, it is easy to absorb and deeply hydrates the dermis which makes it be see and feel softer than ever leaving it protected and clean. You can apply it in areas such as the neck, face, elbows, heels, arms, bikini and intimate areas.

5. Whitening cream for elbows and knees

This cream is made up of special ingredients that restore the natural tone to your skin, eliminating darkening in areas like elbows and knees.

It gives your skin the necessary hydration to maintain its natural color and not be affected by irritation or changes in the texture and surface of the skin.