Homemade treatments to show off nails with a healthier shine.

As is well known nail They are convex-shaped structures which are located in the furthest part of the fingers from both the hands and feet. The vast majority of living beings have structures similar to nails, but these give them different functions, and as regards the specific case of Humans These are simply part of the natural protection that the body provides to protect the skin of that area.

Nails are mainly made up of dead cells which harden with the passing of days. This part of the body is extremely rich in keratin, an element that can be defined as a fibrous protein that our body produces naturally.

Our nails grow steadily at an average rate of 0.1mm per day. It is important to mention that the growth rate nail is different depending on each person. The growth rate of the nails also depends on certain factors such as age, the season of the year, the amount of calcium that the individual consumes, of the exercises that he performs and hereditary factors.

The main function of our nails is to preserve the sensitive skin located just below them, the nails also contribute to balance while walking in the case of the feet. The nail together with the adjacent tissue constitute a functional unit that stimulates both the sense of touch and the prehensile organ that allows functions such as taking objects, scratching and tickling, being in this way a quite important structure for us.

It is important to mention that before performing any activity or function with the nails, the nails must be subjected to a extreme care to have good hygiene. On the other hand, nails serve as a decorative element whose surface can be covered by synthetic enamels and small artificial fragments that make them look more striking to the eye.

Nails, like skin, can be dried and this is why many times we resort to treatments such as manicure and pedicure, which add a lot of value cosmetic Because once finished they give our nails a good look. Manicure and pedicure are done with various tools, including cuticle scissors, nail scissors, nail cutters and files.

In the event of a nail disease, you should consult a specialist such as a dermatologist, or a podiatrist who is responsible for the care of the toenails.

As the days go by, the nails weaken and lose their Natural glow. This is due to external factors such as the weather or due to the constant use of products with strong chemicals They can be found frequently in detergents or disinfectants.

Taking into consideration that our nails are made of one protein Since it is generated naturally, it is logical to think that their opaque color is a characteristic sign of any protein deficiency that we may have. Enamels are often thought of as having properties that make nails shine. However, this is not entirely true and many of these enamels could even damage the nails even more. The reason for this damage is that by applying the enamel, we are preventing the nails from carrying out their gas exchange, that is, they can breathe normally.

exist natural shapes that allow not only to clean our nails, but also restore shine to them and all this without resorting to a beauty salon to do a manicure or a pedicure. That is why here we present 5 natural treatments that you can use to obtain brighter nails in seconds and without the need to hire the services of any professional.

1. Nail file wireless

A device that works as a tool to file, polish accurately and give a Natural glow to your nails quickly and easily. It has a durable battery that can be charged through a USB port. Its wireless and lightweight design allows you to take it where you need it without taking up much space in your bag.

With this device you can fix your nails and make look perfect no need to go to the beauty salon. It also works to be used on top of the gel, without fear of damage.

Professional file Of nails

It is made with nanotechnology and has a design with rounded corners which allows you to file the entire nail with ease. It has AAA batteries and a spare nano glass. It is safe and easy to use so you can use it to care for the nails of all family members.

If you need your nails to look shiny at all times and you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time doing it, this high-quality nail polishing and filing machine offers incredible results in a short time. It will leave a shiny effect that can last up to 4 weeks and has a guarantee of 30 days in case you are not entirely satisfied with the product.

3. Polisher smooth surface nail

The brand Revlon It has always been characterized by creating high quality products to pamper women. This time presents a kit consisting of 6 small and practical nail polishers that you can take anywhere.

Unlike conventional polishers, this polisher will give 400% more than brightness to your nails in seconds. Its results can last up to 3 days and keeps the surface of your nails smooth after each application. For a longer duration after polishing, it is recommended that you apply a clear nail polish or gel to seal the results.

4. High nail polish quality and duration

This is a nail polish that you can apply after you have filed or polished your nails. Its formula contains toluene and formaldehyde, components that allow it to dry faster. Keeps your nails impeccable up to 2 weeks; It also has 58 different shades so you can combine it with different outfits.

It is very easy to apply and its constant use leaves a very smooth texture. Its presentation of 0.58 oz allows you to enjoy a longer duration.

5. Vegan enamel clear for nails

This enamel comes in a 13.3 ml presentation and its formula does not contain any type of formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalates. It is also a product completely free of animal cruelty.

I know will dry within minutes after application, ensuring amazing results without going to the salon and spending a fortune. It is undoubtedly a good option if you want to give a better finish and texture to your nails.

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