If you are one of those who eats in the car on the way to work, this is for you.

If you are one of those who is always on the road, it is very likely that the hours of breakfast, lunch or dinner will catch you in the car; however there are some foods they are not suitable to taste on the move. That is why it is necessary to have tools or accessories that give you a stable and comfortable surface where you can eat without problems and without fear of spillage. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you.

1. Foldable portable trays multifunctional

This set of two trays for put food in the car, it is multifunctional. It has been designed with two cup holders, a closed pocket, a mini flat surface and a large flat surface with multiple uses. These trays can be hung on the back of the seats and are black in color so they will always match the interior of your vehicle.

With these trays you can be comfortable while you travel Keeping your food and drinks close at hand, but you can also use it to organize your mobile phone, wallet and any other items you carry in the car’s trays.

2. Multifunctional support for car seat

This bracket has Multifunctional, foldable and suitable for the car. It can be used as a platform for your computer, breakfast tray, children’s meals, coffee stand and more.

This portable car desk is foldable, you can easily carry or store it in the back seat pocket while not in use.

3. Food and beverage table laptop

This desktop type support is 14 inches, especially for laptop and as a tray of food. It’s easy to assemble: just hook the tray to the wheel and you’ll get an instant ergonomic desk.

Elegantly designed with high quality material, This multipurpose car mount can easily hold your laptop or iPad tablet, food, book, cell phone, wallet and anything else you carry in the car.

4. Rotating circular tray multifunction

This mounting bracket swivel is lightweight and portable which makes it suitable for use inside the car. It has been made with solid aluminum and is flexible so it can be bent. It has a 360 degree rotatable design that locks in place and adjusts to any angle you like.

It has an opening of 50 mm clip wide that holds it anywhere in your car. Its center is textured and non-slip to prevent your items from rolling or slipping.

5. Travel table for car

This tray is attached to the wheel of your car to become a supporting surface. One side is for food and has a deep flat surface to keep food from falling out and a deep cup holder; the second side is for working and it has a flat table so you can type or put your laptop on.

Tray for the car it is thin and light and takes up almost no space when not in use. Just store it in the back of the seat pocket. It’s sturdy enough to support a tablet, laptop, and even a full lunch with drinks.