When cleaning your car, the tires should not be left out.

It is always good to keep tires clean your car, as it is a good way to monitor its condition, see if they are in good condition or if it is time to change them. That is why, we want to recommend below 5 products with which you can leave them clean and shiny, so that you can keep them for a long time.

1. TriNova: spray cleaner

The spray cleaner uses a powerful concentrated formula and free of acid that penetrates deeply into stains caused by dirt. It is perfect for many types of rims such as chrome aluminum and white wall rims.

Them will return its original shine to your wheels by removing accumulated dirt, such as brake dust and oil residue. It even works to fight snow and nitrate.

2. Shine Society: spray cleaner with towel included

With a strong formulaThe spray cleaner can be used during a car wash to enhance the shine of your wheels or between car washes to keep your wheels looking good 24/7. Includes a microfiber towel.

Will melt the brake dust and the dirt from the road accumulated on its wheels. This product will also prevent future accumulation of dirt and dust. You do not need water, just spray, let the product rest for a couple of seconds, and finish cleaning with the towel or a pressure washer.

3. Adam’s Polishes: cleaner with neutral pH

This spray cleaner has a acid-free and pH neutral formula It penetrates dirt into the source and makes the wheel cleaning time significantly shorter.

With the you attack brake dust And dirt accumulated for miles or kilometers is best for safe use on clear, powder coated, chrome, alloy and painted wheels.

4. CarGuys: cleaner suitable for all types of tires

Formulated with acidWithout being toxic and pH balanced, the cleaner will effectively remove stains from your tires without damaging or staining them.

Clean the harmful salt, snow and dirt. You will clean any type of wheel or tire that you can place in your vehicle, such as: alloy wheels, aluminum, anodized, chrome, painted, polished, with transparent coating and plastic coated.

5. Eagle One: spray cleaner with restorative effect

This wheel cleaner is from non scrub formulaSo there is no need to apply a lot of force to get rid of the dirt accumulated on your car tires.

Eliminates fat, dirt and brake dust from your wheels, plus it’s safe for all factory coated wheels.