Do you have dirty or oily hair and don’t want it to show? In this article I present you a quick and easy way so you can hide your hair and look beautiful when you have it scruffy.

The fastest way to style and make dirty hair unnoticeable is to wear a headband or scarf. In this way, you can pick it up and get a simple hairstyle, but looking neat and pretty. Because of this, here are 5 styles of headbands and scarves that you can wear when you have dirty hair.

1. Elacucos

The headbands Elacucos They have a very casual style that you can easily combine with colorful suits and shirts. The game brings 4 ribbons of different colors and patterns. The cost of this set is $ 9.89.

2. Bloom

This headband Bloom It has a small bow that you can move and accommodate according to your tastes. The ribbon is elastic and it has different folds to add more style to the ribbon. You can get this accessory at Amazon for $ 14.95 And this one comes in different colors like black, blue, red, pink, etc.

3. Jaciya

The headbands Jaciya They are very comfortable to wear, as they are elastic. At the top the headband has a very nice fabric that you can combine with the color of your clothes. This headband comes in a set of 10, which you can get for $ 13.99. The headbands come in different colors.

4. Yeaplike

The bands Yeaplike they have small fancy pearls embedded in the fabric that make them look very chic and feminine. The headbands come in three colors: pink, black, and cream. The headbands Yeaplike have a cost of $ 14.95 for a set of three headbands.

5. Dreshow

If you like simple headbands that don’t have prints, the Dreshow They may be the ideal for you. These bands are priced at $ 9.99 and in the set you would get 6 in different colors like blue, yellow, green, etc.