Nothing more typical of Christmas than freshly baked cookies.

One of the most beautiful traditions that the Christmas It is to bake delicious desserts and cookies with the most exclusive ingredients that give it its characteristic homemade flavor. For this it is important to choose a utensil that provides you with enough resistance and security when baking. With the following baking trays You can make Christmas desserts that your guests will never forget.

1. Sheets aluminum to bake

They are a set of aluminum baking sheets with a border of encapsulated steel reinforced for greater resistance. Both trays offer a perfect surface to withstand the high temperatures of the oven and their dimensions make them ideal for cooking large batches.

With these two pieces you can bake and brown safe your cookies and desserts for this Christmas, as well as for other special occasions. It is also an easy to clean product, very versatile and light.

2. Professional game with surface non-stick

Set of three different size black non-stick trays that feature safety lugs resistant and finished in orange. They are capable of withstanding a temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They have an edge that prevents the deformation of cookies and desserts.

This product will offer you a lot of versatility when baking your desserts and cookies, thanks to the three sizes that also give you a lot of lightness and comfort when cooking.

3. Set of trays with grids ventilation

Two baking trays including two vents made with stainless steel high quality and chemical free. A light and safe piece that also has very firm edges and comfortable to hold.

With this practical product You can stop worrying about your biscuits or desserts becoming deformed or overflowing, as their non-slip bottom and curved edges upwards prevent this type of inconvenience.

4. Mold for ovens Gray

This is a gray tray set with surface non-stick and thermal resistance. They’re made of heavy gauge steel and are high-performance tools for baking your desserts and cookies. It has wide handles that provide a lot of security.

It is a versatile long-lasting product that will give you all the comfort and uniformity you need to make your sweets and cookies. Their non-stick qualities help you cook with less oil and makes them very easy to wash once you have finished using them.

5. Bakeware with high edges

Set of two heavy duty carbon steel trays high quality with non-stick coating surface. Both pieces of different sizes have framed edges and come with a smooth surface which guarantees even cooking.

The design of these two plates will will guarantee perfect cooking and easy and effortless cleaning since its surface is designed so that no food can stick. In addition, its high edges prevent spills or uneven cooking.