The easiest way to keep the interior of your car spotless.

The hand vacuum cleaners They are light, practical and easy-to-use devices that offer the possibility of cleaning narrow and hard-to-reach places in our home, office and especially in our car. Its compact size allows maintenance of the entire inside the vehicle including the upholstery, the seats and the boot. Check out the handheld vacuum options below and get ready to enjoy a dirt-free car.

1. Device for maintenance vehicular

The ThisWorx vacuum cleaner has a portable and modern black design and is equipped with a ergonomic grip. It has a high suction capacity, a 16 inch cable and a wide elastic hose. It also has a trash container with a transparent lid and a series of nozzles for different suction modes.

This machine is ideal for both cleaning liquids and powder. Despite its compact size, this device can clean your car in a matter of minutes without you having to worry about emptying the container, this is because the vacuum cleaner automatically turns off when it is full.

2. Ergonomic handle Y 12V motor

A vacuum cleaner with a 12 volt motor power that has strong suction to reach any corner of the car. It is equipped with a led lightIt is a transparent storage box and also has a light filter that is easy to clean.

Its strong suction system allows a efficient cleaning of the car without having to make a lot of effort or spend a lot of time. The power cable is also long enough that you can maneuver inside the vehicle in total comfort.

3. Mini vacuum cleaner laptop

A mini vacuum cleaner that has a flat bottom design, portable and very comfortable, as well as a ergonomic handle and a spacious storage box with extra powerful suction nozzle point. This kit includes three removable nozzles and an elastic hose.

With this automotive vacuum cleaner you can clean your car in minutes, thanks to the fact that it is very fast and easy to use. Its compact design allows you to easily store it and take it with you on all your trips.

4. Filter design stainless steel

It is a vacuum cleaner with a power of 106 W and a stainless steel Hepa filter. The device includes a dust brush, an extension hose and fixing nozzle for more thorough cleaning.

With this portable vacuum cleaner High power can reach anywhere in your car. Its high suction levels guarantee full and safe operation.

5. Vacuum system High power

A vacuum cleaner with a 120 W motor high performance It has a storage bag, stainless steel filter, elastic hose, narrow nozzle and a brush type nozzle. The vacuum cleaner is gray with an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use.

With this vacuum cleaner you can also clean any place, this is thanks to its small size and light weight that allow you to perform a total cleaning, even in hard-to-reach places.

6. Light vacuum for treatment wet dry

A lightweight design device with a dry wet system that is equipped with a high performance motor that minimizes noise. It is a black device with a suction of up to 5000 Pa that allows you to more efficiently clean your entire vehicle.

This machine has a light weight and easy-to-use design which makes it very versatile when it comes to deep cleaning the entire interior of your vehicle. It is a specialized tool that will give your car the treat it deserves.