If you want to lead a healthier life, the first step you should take is to find practical and simple methods to do exercise. Doing physical activities will offer you many health benefits, but if you are not spending a lot of time outdoors, you may prefer to do your routines from the comfort of your home; and so you can achieve it here we show you some machines that will help you work out at home and without taking up much space.

1. Compact pedal board To do exercise

It works with an electrical system that improves circulation of the legs, due to the constant pedaling and also improves resistance with each exercise.

Its portable size allows it to be accommodated in any corner of your house or apartment without major inconvenience. Count with one digital monitor LCD that offers a reliable reading of time, movement, speed and distance traveled during the routine.

2. Machine treadmill laptop

Easy to operate and control. This machine works to perform jogging routines that improve circulation in the legs. His design classic and simple facilitates its use and makes it more comfortable to use.

Have a appropriate size to be placed in any corner of a living room or large room, since it does not require much space.

3. Static rowing for interiors

Ideal for exercising to tone arms, chest, back and legs. Easy to arm and disarmIts folding design makes it easy to store in any corner of your home.

Being laptop It gives you the opportunity to keep the room in order while still exercising. It also has an LCD monitor that makes it easy to read time, speed, calories and more so you are aware of everything.

4. Elastic bands for arms and legs

They serve to exercise and improve resistance of the body, in addition to strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs. This machine does not require a lot of space to assemble or disassemble it.

It also has an adjustment in the force and resistance allowing the person to choose the intensity level of the routine to their liking. The body is worked quickly and easily.

5. Professional machine for mold legs

Not only is endurance improved, but it also allows you to implement a daily exercise routine from the comfort of your home. Is rowing machine it is easy to install and use.

It has a useful smart monitor LCD that shows reliable readings of the time spent during the routine, as well as a control on the calories that your body is burning during the session.

6. Climbing machine with double action

It stands out for its comfortable step-by-step system that tones the part body central, in addition to reinforcing the upper and lower area equally. Its padded handle offers a secure and comfortable support at all times.

Ideal to locate anywhere in your house or apartment, since it does not require much space. It has non-slip pedals that allow a firmer movement with each pedaling.