If you want keep your home in immaculate condition, it is recommended that you carry out a complete cleaning with a certain frequency, since this way the dirt will not accumulate over time. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have a cleaning equipment high quality. That is why this time we will present you some of the best products for the care and cleaning of your home, and especially so your floors always look shiny and clean.

1. Concentrated cleaner for floors

Liquid cleaner made with high quality chemicals which are responsible for cleaning and leaving the wooden floors in excellent condition.

This concentrate comes in a gallon bottle, ideal for polishing, shining and leaving every floor shiny, surface and cabinet of your home, especially if they are made with resistant wood material.

2. Cleaning equipment complete for floors

This cleaning system has a spin bucket and a sink made of strong microfiber material it has 3 additional changes for longer duration.

Its microfiber material is ideal for faster absorption of dirt, getting rid of the dirt instantly. Also its spin dryer can control humidity on any surface.

3. Cleaner for all types of floors

High quality liquid cleaner Manufactured with components that leave any type of floor in an impeccable condition in just a few minutes.

Not only is it responsible for removing all traces of dirt accumulated on surfaces, but also it has a pleasant aroma that harmonizes any environment from your home.

4. Automatic vacuum cleaner high power

Vacuum machine that has a powerful suction system that will leave every type of floor and corner of your home impeccable in a matter of minutes.

It allows to increase the power up to two levels according to your preference or how dirty the floor is. It also has 3 specialized modes for deep cleaning. Easy to control and auto recharges in no time.

5. Specialized shampoo for all types of rugs

Cleaning liquid for carpeted floors of any material. With a penetrating effect, since thoroughly cleans every upholstery and surface, eliminating stains and bad odors.

It not only leaves all kinds of upholstery as new and impeccable, but also adds a pleasant aroma to the environment.

6. Vacuum cleaner for all types of floors

his steam technology It allows vacuuming from hairs, specks of dust, to food remains that have accumulated on the floor.

It has different suction modes, depending on the power level you choose for better dust collection. Ideal for floors with or without carpet.

7. Multi-use cleaner with steam system

It has different tools for deep cleaning of floors and surfaces. Each brush has special bristles to clean and clean every space from your house.

The main brush serves to eliminate germs, dirt and bacteria that can accumulate on the floors of your home.