Give several perfumes this Mother’s Day.

If you want to give a perfume or you know the brand that your mother loves, you can choose to give a set of perfumes. Some contain 4, 5 or up to 6 miniatures, of the same brand, but of different lines. It is an original gift for mom fall in love with other aromas, Get to know other brands and use a rich scent every day.

1. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor with 4 pieces:

From the Elizabeth Taylor brand this set of White Diamonds It has notes of lily, bergamot, neroli, and aldehydes that are perfect for a romantic evening. Contains 4 pieces and a nice box.

2. Marc Jacobs 4 Daisy miniatures:

4 Daisy miniatures by Marc Jacobs with exquisite aromas from sweet vanilla to burning aromas. Perfect for young moms looking for an amazing scent.

3. Juicy Couture by Viva La Juicy:

A set of 3 products Includes a perfume, cream and vertical size perfume to carry in the bag. It is an aroma with notes of amber, caramel, sandalwood and vanilla.

4. Giorgio Armani 5 pieces of 5 different lines:

If your mom loves various Giorgio Armani perfumes or you are undecided, this set is the perfect gift. They are 5 perfumes of the most popular ranges Of the brand.

5. 9 Lucky Fine brand spray perfumes:

If your mom always loves to bring an aroma and touch up during the day, these perfumes come in a perfect presentation to carry in your bag. They are 9 aromas for different occasions.

6. Carolina Herrera 5 perfumes for elegant women:

A set of 5 Carolina Herrera perfumes of 3 different lines, one of the most acclaimed and liked by the public. A set for the conservative woman, but with style.

7. A set of Wind Song with perfume, lotion, powder:

It is a set with perfume, powder and body lotion that will leave a very rich aroma throughout the body for longer. It has notes of amber, moss, musk and flowers. A rich scent to use in spring and summer.