Give your body the care it deserves, with natural components.

The aloe vera It is an ancient plant, in its properties it contains infinite benefits that have been scientifically proven and today, it is one of the most widely used ingredients. It has a great ability to penetrate the dermis, so it is the plant that provides more nutrients to our skin. In this sense, we show you the best creams with aloe vera, to hydrate and renew the skin of your whole body.

1. Hawaiian cream Aloe


Rejuvenate your skin with this cream made with Aloe Vera 100% organic. It impregnates deep into your skin and rehydrates it, leaving no greasy residue or residue on your skin or clothing.

2. Jergens: Cream with Aloe Vera


It is a cream made with aloe vera that relieves the Dry Skin, leaving it renewed and visibly healthier. It can be used on all skin types, both by men and women.

3. Body lotion Aloe Vera

It is a smooth lotion body moisturizer made with aloe vera. It is formulated to be used by all skin types. Penetrates deep into your skin to renew it and give it a silky texture.

4. Fruit of the Earth: Cream for skin care


Contains the miracle plant aloe vera for a intense relief of dry skin. It also contains vitamin E and wheat germ. It keeps your hands, face and body looking younger.

5. InfinityAloe: Kit of 4 creams

It’s a cream quality moisturizer for difficult skin conditions and to calm, soften and improve the health and beauty of your skin. It is ideal for the whole family to use, regardless of age.

6. Cream Aloe Vera Moisturizer


Contains organic aloe vera gel and natural vegan plant extracts, moisturizing oils for face and skin. his silky formula it spreads like silk and is quickly absorbed to nourish your skin.

7. Jason Soothing: Aloe Vera cream

Skin cream rich in botanical ingredients. It is impregnated with vitamin E, aloe vera gel and almond oil. It offers you a deep hydration and durable so that your skin shines from the inside.

8. Triple Lanolin: Aloe Vera Lotion


It has combined two of the best skin conditioners: the pure gel of aloe vera and the rich lanolin, to create a soothing lotion for the care of your skin. This lotion is not greasy, it is easily absorbed to restore natural moisture.

9. Firming Cream for Body and Face


It is an antioxidant, contains aloe vera, infusion of oils, collagen and green tea extracts. This cream intensive moisturizer For the body it is excellent for dry and fallen skin. Can be worn from head to toes.