Protect your footwear in winter!

Do you want to protect your shoes from the winter weather? In Amazon You can find different products that help you repel water, stains, dirt and remove moisture from your footwear, so that they last much longer in the best conditions.

1. Protective spray for fabric Crepe

East Crep brand spray works with fabric footwear and also in suede, canvas and nubuck leather. When applied on shoes, this spray covers the shoe with a barrier that protects it from water and stains. Use nano technology to create a hydrophobic barrier that keeps your shoes in their best condition in the rain. It is recommended to apply 2 coats for a better result and renew it every so often.

With a price less than $ 15, this Crep spray is 5 ounces and forms an invisible barrier on any type of shoe. It is the best-selling product in this guide, with more than 900 reviews in Amazon which are mostly positive. Customers mention that this spray works very well on all types of footwear, and they recommend cleaning your shoes and applying it every month to always keep them looking like new.

2. Waterproof spray Tarrago

East Tarrago protective spray It works in both footwear and clothing of all kinds. With its nano technology, this spray creates an invisible layer that repels water and stains, while ensuring the fabric breathes. It is perfect for leather products, but it also works well with other natural or synthetic fabrics, but it must be placed at a minimum distance of 30 centimeters.

It is a large 6.3 ounce spray with a price less than $ 15, being a very versatile product to apply to different fabrics in clothing and footwear. In Amazon, customers mention that it is an aerosol that adequately protects footwear and that it is highly recommended for delicate fabrics, such as leather, suede or silk.

3. Shoe and boot dryer Kooder

In addition to protecting the exterior of the shoes in winter, it is necessary to take care of the interiors so that they do not generate fungi or bacteria due to the humidity they contain. In winter, it is normal for the interiors of the shoes to end up a little damp due to perspiration, rain or snow that may get inside. With this kooder accessory, you can dry the inside of your shoes quickly with its hot air distribution system. You just have to put this product inside the shoe, plug it in and enjoy dry and odor-free footwear.

Its about best rated product from the guide, with 4.6 stars in Amazon and a price that does not exceed $ 15. Customers mention that it is a very functional product for drying boots and other footwear in winter, and also for sports tennis after a training session. They highlight that it is very easy to use and has a compact design, perfect to take with you if you need it.

4. Hairdryer without electricity Drysure

At the bottom of the list we find this Drysure product, which dries your shoes or boots without connecting to the current. This product has an interior of silica balls, which absorb moisture, sweat and bad odor from any shoe. After 10 uses, you must put the interior in the sun to dry completely and continue enjoying this accessory. Due to their design, they are perfect to put on any type of shoe and always carry with you.

For his great discount of 70%, this product is priced under $ 10, being the cheapest in the guide. It presents a very simple and reusable alternative for drying shoes, which you can take anywhere. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a product that works very well, especially for sports tennis or after wearing your shoes throughout the day, eliminating bad odor and sweat.