An essential piece to start your training at home.

Boxing is a sport Contact consisting of a type of fight where the fists are used. This discipline requires great skill to move quickly using continuous movements that allow you to burn calories. This makes boxing an ideal activity to lose weight. So if you are considering the possibility of losing weight practicing boxing, then we show you the best gloves boxing to use at home.

1. Glove padded on the knuckles


They are gloves designed with additional protection for the knuckles, this area is covered with a padded made of a gel that is responsible for absorbing shock. Very easy to put on and take off thanks to its velcro closure.

They provide maximum comfort to your hands when training, they are also very durable and equipped with an infusion of japanese amara that allows the free passage of air.

2. Boxing equipment for train at home


They are made of synthetic leather, this makes it suitable to withstand intense workouts. They have a special technology that absorbs shock and prevents hand injuries.

Its design is ergonomic and incorporates a series of materials with properties that are responsible for keeping your hands dry and safe while you train. They are also fully articulated so you can train more freely.

3. Gloves absorbent gel

These gloves allow you to feel the impact but not the pain when hitting, because they are impregnated with an absorbent gel. Its powerful closure system hook and loop is responsible for providing additional protection to your wrists.

They have been designed with a mesh fabric on the palm so that your hands can be fresh During all your training, this way you will always have dry and clean hands.