Every man must have a perfume that represents him …

There are different styles of perfumes for each man let your sensual, wild, modern, classic or retro side feel. To facilitate the task of finding the ideal fragrance for that special man, below we share several perfume options for all tastes, and without affecting your pocket so much.

1. Guerlain Homme from Guerlain:

Guerlain Homme by Guerlain It stands out for its high notes of mint, rhubarb leaf and mojito, with a woody base of patchouli, cedar and vetiver. Its fragrance is powerful and refined, for businessmen.

Its exotic mix is ​​an excellent combination for sunny summer and spring days. But its cool, manly trail also makes it a good choice for evening events.

2. Polo Blue from Ralph Laurent:

We are talking about a masculine fragrance that since its launch in 2002 has given much to talk about; its formula has citrus notes of natural fruits such as melon and tangerine, which are combined with certain slightly more intense aromas, such as geranium and patchouli wood.

The designer’s hallmark Ralph Lauren It is found in this unique fragrance, whose exotic aromas last on the skin for hours after applying it.

3. Mont Blanc Legend:

Perfume Montblanc Legend It is a mix between aromatic notes of pineapple, lavender and red apple that are combined with Haba Tonka. Its start, center and end note make the quality sensation superior.

It has a very versatile and elegant fragrance for any occasion. It has a lasting aroma of up to 10 hours. It is ideal for a decided and elegant man, since it is a safe bet for a party or an evening.

4. Loewe Loewe 7:

This perfume exclusive has a unique formula, which combines aromas such as incense and pepper in a comfortable 100ml presentation. This product is made with the most exclusive ingredients and the bottle is designed in the brand’s distinctive style.

More than proven is the power that this masculine cologne exercises over women, which gives men a touch of exclusivity with unique ingredients that give it class and distinction.