Give your feet the softness and beauty they deserve.

To have corns on the skin is not pleasant for people, since they represent a nuisance and are unpleasant for the physical aspect. These form in the dermis when an injury generated by friction with an external object occurs. Usually appear on body parts like the feet, thickening the area forming from top to bottom at the tips of the toes and are usually caused by shoes when they are used very tight or simply do not cover the entire sole of the foot.

On the hands, they can also feel rough since calluses arise when the skin’s cortex is not well hydrated when it has been subjected to strong chemicals or heavy labor, where objects are manipulated that can leave it badly damaged. 3.

Nevertheless, there are methods with very good results They can regenerate the skin and restore its freshness and softness in a short time. Treatments abound, such as the use of pumice stone which, by rubbing it on the skin with calluses, gradually eliminates it. Placing lemon and garlic on the affected parts can also be effective, as can using baking soda.

These homemade ideas may be the solution, but not everyone works. Thus, we recommend these callus removers so that you bring life back to your feet and feel the softness in them.

1. Cream for 40% urea feet

This cream is effective in removing calluses from the skin that leave it abused since it is made up of a 40% urea formula that definitively repairs it. Its way of acting on the dermis is by softening it and relaxing that affected and parched part. Among its components is the tea tree oil pure, with aloe vera, chamomile extract and others that hydrate the skin and protect it from any type of damage or reduce the burning that is generated by the itching that calluses sometimes produce.

By hydrating it, you return a little of the lost water from your body and make the circulation activate, promoting cell growth so that the skin will be reborn. It is ideal for men and women of all ages. One of the benefits of this product is that it is accompanied by a pumice stone and a brush to clean the area where the calluses are located.

Using the cream will undoubtedly help you to recover that baby skin that you long for and the softness will be on your feet and hands again. You should only use the cream correctly and make a routine where at the same time every day, you can massage your feet or hands with the cream, giving you relief and a feeling of well-being in renewed and callus-free skin.

2. File and remover calluses for feet

This brush can represent a perfect solution to permanently remove calluses from the skin of your feet. Dry and cracked heels will disappear with frequent use of this brush. stainless steel metal surface It does not rust so it will be long-lasting and you can use it for a long time keeping your feet soft and very soft.

The brush is elongated with a black magician and in the part where the force is applied to the foot, it has some holes where the dead skin from the callus comes out. It is very easy to hold because it has a molded shape where the fingers of the hands go to be able to exert good pressure when using it on the feet or on the hands or other affected area.

The design of this brush is large but it is not heavy so you can take it with you everywhere because it is light. Easy to use by pressing with the rose of the same on the feet generating almost instantly the softness of your feet and a shine that will make them look more beautiful than they are. It is recommended to use this brush frequently so that the effects are more effective and in the shortest possible time. If you have been looking for methods to see your most beautiful and revitalized skin, this is a tool that will quickly and easily give you the desired results.

3. Concentrated foot cream with tea tree oil

This formula has been created with plants that calm, soften and repair flaky skin and calluses that generate itching, cracked, red, irritated and dry skin. It is very easy to apply and is quickly absorbed because it is natural and also anti inflammatory that helps effectively treat and prevent corns and other conditions that occur as fungi as it is mixed with tea tree therapeutic grade antifungal essential oil combined with lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, organic arnica, and turmeric herbs that when brought together revive the stinging skin and give the maximum protection.

It comes in a presentation of a black plastic container with a white lid that when turned will be super easy to open and start to spread it on those areas that you want to regenerate.

By using this cream regularly, you can quickly begin to notice the effects on your skin that will be fresh and revitalized. It works as an effective homeopathic remedy for the skin of parts such as the feet, knees, elbows, heels, hands, and around the nails and cuticle. One of its benefits is that it does not affect the skin because it does not have strong chemicals that can end up damaging the dermis of people or causing allergies that lead to stronger conditions.