Cell phone, cards and money in the same product.

If you are looking for a cell phone case that also serves to carry some cards and money, then one of these models can help you. This type of covers is ideal for when you have a small bag or want to go out with the bare minimum from home.

1. ProCase

With a classic type design flip case, is ProCase case It has a cover where you can save cards and money, and also protect the screen of your cell ph It has a metal buckle and a strap, to be able to carry the phone hanging. This case is suitable for iPhone XR and inside it has a small mirror, 3 card slots and a pocket for money.

Available in several different colors, the ProCase case have a price of $ 11.99, being the cheapest product on the list. In addition to protecting your cell phone and carrying your cards, this case serves as a landscape cell phone holder, ideal for watching videos.

2. OT Onetop

This case for iPhone 7 or 8 Plus has a part that comes off at the back and serves to store all your cards. The OT Onetop case It has two card slots and a pocket for money, and has a closure system with magnetic buttons.

Made of synthetic leather, this cover is available in 9 colors other than a price of $ 15.99. In addition to having a modern design that allows you to carry your cards with you, it offers protection on the sides of the cell phone and on the front, due to its elevated design.

3. Come to

With this case, you will have your cards hidden and safe. The vein sheath is for iPhone XS or X, it is made of plastic and has a cover that opens to remove the cards. In this case you can store up to 2 cards, and also use the folding and magnetic cover as a support. Due to its design, it is a case compatible with magnetic car mounts, but it does not interfere with cell phone payment applications.

For its 30% discount, this Vena case is priced at $ 27.99 And it’s the most expensive product on the list, but it offers great design and versatile functionality. It is available in 4 colors and provides high fall protection. When the cover is open, this case is compatible with wireless chargers.

4. Spigen

With the Spigen coverYou can also keep your cards discreetly inside the cell phone case. This case has a cover at the bottom that opens, to give access to the 2 cards that are there. For iPhone 7 or 8, this case is plastic and offers protection on all edges of the phone, even around the camera.

Available in two colors, this case has a price of $ 19.99 and a thickness of only 0.5 millimeters. In Amazon, customers claim that it is a very resistant and ideal case to hide your cards, and they can also use a pop socket or ring, something that in other card sleeves is not possible. However, they found that the plastic is not of the best quality and is easily scratched.

5. Smartish

With a minimalist design, the smartish case It is plastic and offers a place to store up to 3 cards and money. This case for iPhone 6 and 6s has a pocket on the back, they are an opening to push the cards out. It offers great protection for the cell phone, with reinforcements in the corners, and includes a protective glass.

It is the best-selling cover of the guide, with a price of $ 14.99. Its simple and fine design stands out, which also allows placing a pop socket or ring on the back. It is available in 3 colors and you have the possibility to personalize it with the designs and colors that the brand offers. As a negative point, customers mention that you can not carry only one card, since it could fall, so it is necessary to carry at least two that apply pressure and do not come loose in your pocket.

6. Suteni

This is the simplest cover of the guide, of the Suteni brand. It has a traditional sleeve design with an elastic pocket on the back for carrying cards. It is a case for iPhone XS, X and XR, available in two screen sizes: 6.1 ’’ and 5.8 ’’. Made of synthetic leather, its elastic pocket can hold up to 3 cards and the case only adds 2 millimeters to the cell ph

With 4.8 stars in Amazon, the Suteni cover It is the best rated on the list. Have a price of $ 13.99 and it is available in 4 different colors. Customers highlight its great design and compact size, unlike other similar cases, but the pocket is quite tight and can be difficult to remove the cards.