Because even your boss deserves a merry Christmas too.

In Christmas everyone deserves a gift that brings them extra joy at parties. Find a good rule for you boss It can be a great challenge, and for this you must take into account the age and the tastes you have. This is why we will show you some gifts so that you can surprise your boss and give him a good detail without having to spend too much on it.

1. A gift from high technology

An intelligent speaker equipped with Alexa with which you can perform multiple tasks at the same time. The device can connect to the internet to give you access to a large amount of information and also allows you to control other smart devices remotely.

If your boss is a person who likes to always be aware of technological advances, he will surely love having Alexa. This system will help you to be much more efficient and organized in your day to day.

2. Set for lovers of whiskey

This is a premium quality set that includes small crystal glasses and 8 granite stones to cool the whiskey without altering its flavor. It comes in an elegant wooden box lined with black velvet inside.

Granite stones have thermal properties that allow them to stay cold longer. It is great as a decorative piece and as a Christmas gift for those who enjoy good Wisky. The set has a warranty one year.

3. Portfolio for save cards in a safe way

This wallet has been made with high quality synthetic leather and RDIF lock. It has 4 compartments that allow you to organize your credit cards, cash and other important documents.

It is a very compact and slim perfect to wear on any occasion. It is a very practical accessory that can be comfortably carried in the pants pocket.

4. Protective case for AirPods

A silicone case with wireless charging that is available in a wide variety of colors. It has been created to protect your Airpods from bumps and scratches.

It has a compact 1.3 millimeter design that won’t take up much space in your bag, making it perfect to carry around and keep your hearing aids safe. A present very useful that everyone loves.

5. Separator from books

A very useful page separator for lovers of reading. This is a small piece with a dinosaur design made entirely of silicone. It is available in pink, green and blue.

This product will guide you when you start a new reading. A detail that will help you indicate the exact point of the page when you want to resume reading.