She sports a slender body without suffering from discomfort …

The parties are to celebrate and have a good time. This is not the time to be thinking about not eating or stop savoring the delicious food that they offer us at parties. But so that you don’t stop looking spectacular in the new clothes you bought yourself, a good girdle can help you. Check out these options girdles They are very comfortable and you can wear them under any outfit you wear at Christmas and New Year’s parties.

1. Full body girdle, high compression, and adjustable hooks:

This girdle is for the whole body, it is perfect for after a pregnancy or when you are exercising your whole body. Tones your body all day, has 4 adjustable hooks and a butt lifter. It does not matter what type of clothing you wear as it will not be marked. Don’t worry about taking it off when you have to go to the bathroom, because it has an opening in the crotch.

Although its price can be a little high, it is ideal if you want a full body girdle that enhances your buttocks.

2. Diane & Geordi – Colombian Latex Shapewear:

Girdle lifting tail that controls your abdomen and waist, and at the same time enhance your hips. This Colombian girdle fits perfectly to your body and is not noticeable under your clothes. It comes in 6 different sizes and in 2 different colors to choose from.

This style strapless girdle without straps on the shoulders, thus allows you greater freedom when choosing clothing. It also functions as a postpartum girdle or a post operative girdle. Available on Amazon for less than $ 60.

3. High Waist control:

This girdle presents the Powernet material as its main element, includes a hypoallergenic cotton inner lining for greater comfort. It also has lower support bands to prevent it from rolling up.

It is a girdle that allows the highest compression of the lower thigh and the rolls of the back. Provides extra firm control that also helps the glutes to get them higher and for a flatter belly. This full body you find it in Amazon within the TOP 100 best sellers.

4. Shapewear for the arms – Shymay:

Shymay girdle for women, shapewear with slim top taper and front bra. 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Firm control on the arm and correction of the curve of the back, breathable and sexy shell design, creates the arms perfectly firm and slim.

Use your own bra function to prevent breast compression while adding a soft flex effect and improving posture. Helps reduce unwanted arm flab while providing a softening and compressing effect with whatever outfit you wear.

5. Colombian Belt reducing and shaping:

Girdle of soft and slimming fabrics. Bring the latest compression technology. The Powernet on the outside of this under bust women’s girdle produces great control over problem areas.

Due to its elastane and polyamide composition, it is also elastic enough that you can move easily. Last but not least, the internal compression body shaping cotton lining allows for greater ease and care for your skin.