Keeping your home safe has never been easier.

If you want to keep your home under surveillance and your family safe, you can choose one of these security camera models. For the offers of Amazon Prime Day, you will find many products with great discounts to increase the security of your home.

1. Mini HD camera Ring for $ 124.99

Is compact camera It records in 1080p quality and serves both indoors and outdoors. You can see the recordings through a live cell phone or tablet and also use this camera to talk or listen thanks to its speaker and built-in microph This product works with Alexa and it has a 31% discount just for today. It works with rechargeable batteries or with solar panels. The camera Is available in White or in black to adapt to each house.

2. HD Ring camera with 30% discount

The Ring security camera shoot in 1080p, works with Alexa and allows you to watch the live video from your cell phone or tablet for a price of $ 139. In addition, it has LED lights and an emergency siren. Is camera is compact and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its microphone and speaker, it allows communication between two ends and works with a rechargeable battery or you can choose the brand’s solar panel accessory, so you never have to charge it.

3. Security camera Reolink with 47% discount

By $ 48 for today only, you can have one small camera It can be installed on any surface or wall, filming in 1440p quality and available in black or White. Is a wireless cam, which works connected to the Wi-Fi of the house. Is security camera It can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 107 degrees vertically, offering a very wide view of any environment. It contains a microphone and speaker to be able to speak through the camera and is an indoor-only model.

4. Surveillance Pack Reolink with 30% discount

East product It includes four cameras filming in HD, with night vision and 1440p quality, along with a PoE NVR It serves as a communicator between the cameras and the Wi-Fi router and also stores all the videos thanks to its 1TB memory. East surveillance system It is very easy to install and allows you to add up to 8 cameras on the same circuit. In addition, you can control the live recordings from your cell phone or tablet and receive movement alerts when you are not at home. Just for today, find this pack of 4 cameras and their system at $ 265.99.

5. Surveillance camera for the front door Ring for $ 139

Is small camera It is specifically designed to be placed on the front door of the house and includes a doorbell, so you can see who is knocking on the door. Works with Alexa and sends notifications to Echo speakers to let you know someone has arrived, and is also activated by motion. With HD filming and a 30% discount, is camera allows you to see your door live from any device.