Looking for shoes that keep your feet warm and safe this winter? Look at the offers it has Amazon for the week of Black Friday in boots for women and men.

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1. Women’s boots

(i)Dream Pairs

With a high design made of synthetic leather, these Dream Pairs boots They offer a fur-lined interior to ensure warmth on your feet and legs. In addition, it has a rubber base with a 1 ”high heel, which makes these boots very comfortable to wear all day. On the inside they have a closure to put them on comfortably, they are available in a large number of colors and for their current discount of 30%, they are priced less than $ 30.

(ii) Dream Pairs

From the same brand, these waders They are made of synthetic leather, with a more modern style. Available in various colors and designs, these boots have an internal closure and a hidden heel that is approximately 2 ”high to stylize you. They have a 15% discount and a price below $ 30.

(iii). Megnya

These boots stand out for their versatility, since they can be used high or low, bending their reed. They are made of synthetic suede, have a closure on the outside and the inside is made of fur fabric. Available in 5 different colors, these boots have a 1.5 ”high heel and a price less than $ 25, for your 32% discount.

(iv) Globalwin

Designed especially for snowThese Globalwin boots are waterproof and have a non-slip rubber base. Inside, a lining keeps your feet warm and the closure is lace-up, adjusting well to your foot. They are available in various color combinations and have a price less than $ 40 for your 29% discount.

(v). Orkii

With a more modern design and laces, these orkii boots They have a non-slip rubber base with a 2 ”high heel and are made of synthetic suede. You can find them in 5 color combinations, with a 32% discount that leaves your final price less than $ 25.

2. Boots for men

(i) Caterpillar

Of the famous CAT brandThese boots are perfect for working and keeping your feet comfortable during winter. They are made of leather, available in 5 colors and a non-slip rubber base. For his 25% discount, these boots are priced under $ 65.

(ii) Caterpillar

From the same brand as the previous model, these CAT boots They are made of leather with a non-slip rubber base. They include a steel toe, making them ideal boots for working or riding a motorcycle. For his 25% current discount, priced less than $ 60.