Looking for a device Amazon the best price? These are the 4 best-selling devices at a great current discount, so you can save money and transform your life with technology.

1. Always carry your books with you: Kindle Paperwhite

One of the best selling products of Amazon, the ebook Kindle allows you to carry all your books with you in a light and comfortable product. It has a screen with a matte finish that imitates 300 ppide quality paper and a 6 ”size. In addition, this model is waterproof and has 8GB of memory. It is compatible with the Audible service and includes a charger and a synthetic leather case from which you can choose the color.

Currently, this model of Kindle have a 32% discount and you can get it for $ 129.97. With Wi-Fi connection, a battery that can last for weeks and weighs 6.8 ounces, it is an ideal device to always carry with you. At Amazon, customers emphasize its performance and compact size, although some miss the buttons to turn the page of other models.

2. Any television can be smart with Fire tv

If you want to join the trend of smart TVs and be able to see all the content on streaming you want, then Fire TV can help you. In addition to being able to view content on Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu and many more applications, this product is compatible with Alexa and make your TV can connect to any smart home device. Just use the built-in microphone on the remote control to talk to Alexa and get more from your Fire TV.

This product has a current discount of 30% and a final price of $ 34.99, in its 4K version. This means that the Fire TV can play 4K content if the app and TV are compatible. Customers at Amazon claim that it is a very simple device to use, with a quick response and that adds a lot of functionality to any television.

3. Get Alexa on a very original speaker Threw out

With this opportunity, you can get a 2nd generation Echo speaker under $ 100 and in different color options. Although not the latest Echo speaker model, this device works just as well as the others and is an inexpensive way to integrate Alexa into your home. You can choose between textile finishes in gray or white, or this original oak wood body.

This Echo has a $ 69.99 price for your current 42% discount and serves to add the assistance of Alexa in any part of the house. With Alexa you can control other smart devices, play music, set alarms and much more. You can even connect this Echo speaker with your Fire TV and manage your entire house from different environments.

4. Transform any speaker with Alexa: Echo Input

If you already have a speaker, but want to add Alexa in some space in your house, then the Echo Input product is for you. This little device transform any speaker into a smart one, connecting using the auxiliary cable or bluetooth. Through Echo Input, you can have all the functions of Alexa on your own speaker.

This is the most affordable Amazon device in the guide, with a price of $ 19.99 thanks to your 43% discount current. It is available in black or white, and has a small size of 3.1 ”in diameter that makes it ideal for any corner of the house. If you already have a good quality speaker that you want to take advantage of in another way, then this product is ideal for you.