Always carry one with you to avoid inconvenience …

We are in high season for allergies, flu and other diseases. With the cold always comes that discomfort that what you want is to be in bed and not leave the house. We know! As part of allergies we also get itchy and watery eyes, and for that there is no better remedy than using drops.

Check out some of the best options here:

1. Eye drops Rohto cool:

These drops They act on 3 layers of your eye, eliminating irritation, helping tears to remain in your eye and keeping them lubricated, as well as reducing the risk of contracting another infection. The product works for up to 12 continuous hours without pain.

It will help a lot to refresh your eyes if you have tired eyesight or the weather is a factor to feel very dry your eyes. A product with 4.2 stars and that eliminates red eyes in less than a minute.

2. Drops Clear eyes:

For times of cold and even heat, these drops moisturize and lubricate your eyes for 12 hours, avoiding irritation and redness. It is very gentle with your eyes so as not to cause pain or irritation around the eyes.

It is one of the best-selling brands and the drippers contain more product for an affordable price. It also helps heal other minor irritations. They are within TOP 15 best sellers on Amazon within its category.

3. Drops Similasan:

If, in addition to having red eyes, you are slightly itchy or you feel dry, these drops help to alleviate these symptoms due to their natural active ingredients. Giving natural relief immediately and painlessly to your eyes. You only need a couple of drops a day and that’s it.

These drops They also lubricate your eyes in case you have tired eyesight or have cried a lot, you will feel relief very quickly.