So that the new year comes full of good things for you …

The amulets symbolize the influence of the stars on people. Each amulet represents a series of qualities and characteristics associated with the attraction of good luck, auspiciousness, good energy, and more.

Each of the amulets They symbolize each of the things that we want to attract to our life. Find below the ideal amulet for you, which you can use now to bring you good luck this coming year.

1. Stone Sapphire:

This bracelet is made of silver, sapphire blue pearls and white pearls. It has a composition that makes this bracelet extremely resistant.

This stone is the one that most closely resembles the deep waters of the sea. Sapphire is ideal for you to attract good luck.

2. Amulet with birch leaf:

East nice birch leaf amulet It helps attract abundance of auspices, prosperity, and good luck in communicating with others.

This amulet is a birch leaf that energetically cleanses your interior and repels bad energy. Also, I think it is time for you to stop that pessimism, the Birch leaf will help you see that the past has already passed with its successes and failures, and the future is huge and with nothing to lose.

3. Amulet Turkish eye:

The charm of fighting the evil eye is achieved with this Turkish eye amulet, with blue color. Also, it comes with a silver link chain.

Take a Turkish eye or a fish eye with you protects from everything negative and it helps you to move forward successfully, without “evil eye” and with open paths in everything you do.

4. I said of Sun:

Gold and silver bracelet. Includes small charms and a radiant circular sun with a silver border.

The amulet is a sun charm in gold and platinum, because with these colors and this shape you will radiate positive energy to go through all the difficult situations that come your way.