I wish we could know exactly how the cosmos will affect our lives forever, but we leave that to the zodiac experts. Where we can help you is in the selection of your costume for this Halloween according to your zodiac sign. Of course, there are many other ways to come up with ideas about Halloween costumes, but the idea of ​​wearing a costume according to the zodiac sign, we know that it is very original and novel.

For example, Leo wants to be the life of the party, Gemini needs something that draws attention. Virgos like their costumes a little more direct. And of course the mysterious Scorpios need a creepy touch. Below we have found the best costumes for each sign. They are so precise that you will believe they are written in the stars for you. Happy Halloween!

1. Taurus:

Your type of costume: A character in history

Taurus is not to wear one of the fashionable costumes, if not from history. Look for a well-made outfit with accurate historical details. Like Mary Poppins’.

2. Aries:

Your type of costume: Of rebel

Unstoppable energy, outgoing attitude and, yes, with a tendency to be a little impulsive. So hug your inner teenager by dressing up as a rebellious character.

3. Gemini:

Your type of costume: The Memer

You need a versatile but dramatic costume. One that you can combine with the wig and makeup that you prefer, but always impressive.

4. Virgo:

Your type of costume: The classic

You are not choosing a known costume because you want to be recognized, Virgo. You commit to whatever task you set your mind to, so you can bet your costume will be anything but dingy.

5. Cancer:

Your type of costume: The one with the last minute locker room

Let’s face it Cancer, you were probably too busy helping to plan a friend’s costume and you didn’t have time for yours. Fortunately, there is always an option for everything.

6. Scorpion:

Your type of costume: The horror star

A little darkness never hurts you, Scorpio. Lean on the spookiest side of Halloween.

7. Leo:

Your type of costume: A celebrity

You are the star of your own life, Leo, so why not come up with that idea for Halloween? Your natural star power will go perfectly with a star-inspired costume. For example, from Rihanna …

8. Pound:

Your type of costume: The strong woman

Feminine power is strong with you, Libra. Dig up your favorite glitter liner and conquer the party with your charm.

9. Sagittarius:

Your type of costume: The action hero

Oh adventurer Sagittarius, you need a costume that can keep up with you. That means spandex and comfort, right?!.

10. Capricorn:

Your type of costume: Nature

You like to stick to your roots, Capricorn. Stay true to your earth sign identity and dress like a member of the animal kingdom. We thought a goat would be too biting, so how about a lion?

11. Pisces:

Your type of costume: The Throwback

Any true Pisces has a long nostalgic streak. Halloween is a natural time to return to your youth. How about you go back to the 80s ?!

12. Aquarium:

Your type of costume: Sci-fi heroine

Anyone who is near an Aquarium knows that it may be a bit of a different world. This year, lean on that perception with your Halloween costume, like the ghost house.