Enjoy the best sound from the comfort of your home.

If you want your television to have the best sound, then a home theater it is ideal. With these speakers, you can improve sound quality when you watch a movie, series, or play a video game to feel like you’re in the story. Here are four inexpensive options for your home.

1. System surround 5.1 brand Auna

The system of home theater from Auna Areal Active 525 It has a retro design and 6 pieces, 1 subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers. The maximum sound power of this product is 15 Watts in each of its speakers and 50 watts of RMS power. In addition to the USB, auxiliary and SD card ports, these speakers offer bluetooth to be able to connect with cell phones, for example. It also includes remote control, to operate the system comfortably.

With a price of $ 84.99This is the cheapest audio system in the guide. Each speaker must be auxiliary connected to the main part and cannot be mounted on the wall, making it an ideal product to install in a cabinet around the TV. In Amazon, customers claim that they are a product with a good price-quality ratio and that they are very easy to install.

2. Acoustic audio 5.1 from Goldwood

The Acoustic Audio AA5172 brand system Goldwood It offers 6 pieces with an included remote control, in a simple and very versatile design. These speakers can reach a maximum power of 700 Watts and includes an FM radio connection and bluetooth. his subwoofer It measures 13.1 x 6.7 x 12.3 inches and the satellite speakers are 6.7 x 4.1 x 4 inches each. In the subwoofer, we find a control display with screen and if not we can manage it by remote control.

The best-selling product in the guide, with a price of $ 99.88. In Amazon, customers mention that they are very good speakers for the television, to watch videos, video games or also music, but that can be difficult to understand at first. On the other hand, they recommend adapting the volume of each speaker individually to achieve a better result.

3. Audio system surround brand Frisby

With a simple design, the home theater Frisby includes 5 speakers of 15 Watts each and a subwoofer 40 Watts, resulting in a maximum power of 115 Watts. In the subwooferYou can find buttons and a small screen to operate it, but it also includes a remote control. Includes USB connection ports, auxiliary, optical, SD slot, and also FM radio connection and bluetooth.

For price of $ 129.95, in the Frisby system you get a subwoofer 14.75 x 8.5 x 13.5-inch and 5 wall-mountable 6.8 x 4.2 x 3.8-inch satellite speakers. In Amazon, clients emphasize that it is a good product in relation to its price, ideal for a small or medium-sized room. As a negative point, they mention that the basses cannot be regulated and that the cables are installed in the speakers, making their replacement more difficult.

4. Immersive audio 5.1 from Monoprice

With a minimalist design, the monoprice sound system It offers 3 satellite speakers, 1 center speaker, 1 subwoofer and 1 amplifier, reaching a maximum power of 200 Watts. It includes sound control at the rear of the amplifier, giving it a minimalist and uninterrupted aesthetic in the front of each of the pieces. Both the central and satellite speakers can be wall mounted, and the satellite speakers are 4.5 x 10.5 x 5.3 inches.

Although it is the most expensive on the list, with a price of $ 279.99, this is the system of home theater best rated from the guide. Customers in Amazon They highlight the great sound quality that can be obtained with these speakers, at an acceptable price. On the other hand, they claim that they are very good at creating Dolby Atmos sound and it is the ideal system for medium or large rooms.