Necklaces are an accessory that helps you to look beautiful and very elegant or on the contrary they can damage your look, if you do not know how to choose the most suitable one according to the type of neckline you are wearing. Also, since not all necklaces have the same shape or style, you must know how to use them correctly. Due to this, here I explain the necklaces that you should use depending on the type of neckline that the shirt or dress has.

1. Scoop neckline

If the neckline of the shirt is round or U, you should opt for necklaces that are round and short. The necklace you use should go on the skin, it should not touch the shirt, so that the look looks more striking. By using a necklace with this type of shirts, you will have a more elegant look.

2. Firstmeet

East necklace It pairs very well with shirts and dresses that have a round neckline. The necklace comes in different colors like red, green, yellow, black, etc. The necklace is made of resin and has a length of 17.5 inches. The Firstmeet necklace costs $ 13.60.

3. Turtle neck

Shirts that have a turtleneck are ideal for wearing long necklaces or necklaces of different sizes, since they stand out on the shirt. However, you should be careful with the type of necklace you use so that your outfit does not look too loaded. Even, turtleneck shirts and dresses do not always need a necklace, since with long screens you could also complement the look.

4. Niumike

The necklace Niumike It is ideal for use with high neck shirts, so that the necklace stands out. You can buy the necklace in different colors such as white, black and yellow. The necklace is 34.2 inches long and retails for $ 13.99.

5. V neckline

V-necklines look good with countless necklaces. You can choose necklaces in the shape of an inverted triangle or that have the same neckline shape to draw attention to this area of ​​the body. Depending on the depth of the neckline you can wear longer or shorter necklaces.

6. Firstmeet

For the V necklines you should choose necklaces like the one of Firtsmeet, which have the same neckline shape. The necklace is made of acrylic and has a length of 20 inches. This necklace has a cost of $ 12.99 and you can get it at Amazon in different colors such as: green, blue, brown, black, etc.

7. Strapless

For strapless or strapless shirts you can use round or V necklaces. Ideally, these do not exceed the neckline so they look good. However, with this type of shirts or dresses you can use necklaces of different lengths

8. Coiris

The necklace Coiris You can use it with shirts or strapless dresses, as it will highlight the neckline. This necklace is made of acrylic, wood and shell. You can buy this Coiris necklace for $ 13.80 and use it at casual events.