Enjoy a cold drink whenever you want

In the organization of events such as weddings, birthdays and other special occasions it is always very important to satisfy all the needs of the guests, especially the most basic ones. Few things are as pleasant as good cold drink to quench thirst. Today there are devices that allow you to make ice quickly and whenever you need it in the comfort of your home. That is why below we present five ice machines that you will love to have at home.

1. Cooling device Quick

It is a silver-colored machine that has a silent motor that gives it great fighting power. It also has a powerful compressor, a high-quality aluminum and copper fin condenser that allows you to generate pieces of ice in just six minutes.

This machine meets the quality standards more demanding and practical enough to make ice quickly and safely no matter where you are.

2. Ice factory automatic

It is a black portable machine with a breathable lid and removable ice scoop. Its powerful motor gives it the ability to quick freeze that allows you to generate up to nine ice cubes in just seven minutes.

The great advantage of this device is the comfortable and practical which is its constant cooling system. Its design allows you to take it anywhere so you can produce ice when and where you need it, in addition to the transparent lid that allows you to see the amount of ice inside.

3. Machine with function Self-cleaning

It is a machine high capacity to make ice. A silver-colored device with a self-cleaning function, it has a transparent window that allows the process to be monitored and it also has a powerful but silent cooling system that keeps its interior at the right temperature for ice.

With this machine you can make nine cubes every six and eight minutes, this allows you to produce up to 26 pounds of ice in just 24 hours.

4. Cooling system with transparent cap

This silver colored machine is capable of producing up to 26 pounds of ice a day since its system allows it to produce nine cubes in just six minutes. It has large transparent windows that allow you to keep track of the ice produced by the machine.

The cooling of this machine is thanks to its compressor. Its patented design gives you the possibility to keep a low temperature perfect for storing ice up to instant where you need it.