Give your plants all the nutrients they need.

The plants They are an important part of the home, they provide fresh air and add a touch of nature to any space. But being a living being, it is very important that they receive the proper care so that they flourish and grow. There are many products that help care for plants, and this time we will show you some of the most outstanding.

1. Pack of 30 units of fertilizer

This is a compost-based product that is really very easy to use. It has been prepared with many nutrients which help stimulate the growth and health of vegetation.

You will have the opportunity to fertilize your plants in an easy and fast way. These units little They contain all the nutrients that a plant requires to grow healthy, you just have to put it in the ground and add water to activate its components.

2. Beautifying spray leaves

It is a spray that contains an odorless liquid inside that has been formulated to give a more natural shine to the leaves and beautify them. A presentation of 8 ounce.

If you feel that your plants look very dull and lifeless, you only need to spray a little of this product so that its leaves regain their beautiful natural color. Its patented formula has the ability to spread to the stem.

3. Salt crystals for hydrate and protect your plants

These are little salt crystals that store water to keep your plants hydrated. You can mix it with the soil and compost that you use regularly. It is available in a 12 ounce presentation.

It will work to reduce the water stress and protect plants during hot days. If you travel frequently, this product allows you to have your plants well hydrated, without having to constantly add water.

4. Foam organic for plants and flowers

It is a container that contains a foam created with millions of beneficial microbes and natural proteins that contribute to the good health of your plants. An approved product scientifically to be used on any type of plants and flowers.

If you want to see your biggest plants, full of vitality and strong, this product will help you achieve these results.